Stranocum Youths’ honour at Milk Cup games

STRANOCUM Youths had the honour of appearing at the prestigious Milk Cup tournament held recently.

The youngsters were asked to play during the half time break at the Joey Dunlop Leisure Centre which played host to a number of games.

They met the Milk Cup’s Gordon Wilson and also Middlesboro striker, John Hendrie, who took time out to chat to the y0ungest and pose for some pictures.

The games Stranocum attended included Manchester United and Northern Ireland as well as Turkey.

The committee of Stranocum would like to make special mention of Willie Hunter who invited them to take part in the tournament.

It is something the players won’t forget in a hurry.

A spokesperson said: “This invitation was very much appreciated by all the kids and everyone connected to Strancoum Youths. This has been a great boost for the kids of a small club which is growing day by day.”