Snooker round-up from Ballymoney and Coleraine

The semi finals of the Ballymoney & Coleraine Snooker League Tracy McAuley Memorial Cup took place last week.

The first game threw up an all Potters match as Ivan Boreland’s ‘Young Potters’ took on the much fancied ‘Potter’s Aces’.

It didn’t go to form though as young James Nesbitt beat Damian Reid 2-0 to give his side the early advantage.

The next tie was a very tight encounter as Sammy Cobbin and Willie Eakin couldn’t be separated and had to make do with a share of the spoils to leave the game 3-1 in favour of Ivan’s team.

He was on next against Marc Hutchinson and knew he only needed a frame to take his team in to the final.

With good safety and a good handicap Ivan won the vital frame to send his team in to the final.

The second final also featured a Potters team as ‘Potter’s Elite’ took on the British Legion in what turned out to be another tight affair.

The first game ended all square as Don Leighton drew with Geoff Boreland. The second game also finished in a draw as Keith Hunter shared the spoils with Curtis Boreland.

But Lee Hull emerged as the ‘Elite’s’ hero on the night as he won the final match against Carl Wilson 2-0 to seal a 4-2 win for his team.

* Nevin Cup Draw: First round: L McIlreavy v S McClelland; A McGonigle v L McConaghie; S Walker v D Baker; C Boreland v D McCorkell; P McCloskey v M Hutchinson;

S Williamson v W Boreland; D Patton v W Eakin; H Ward v A Toner; D Louden v L Hull; D Simpson v A Boreland; S Gray v I Boreland; P Martin v N McCracken; D Reid v M Crawley.

Second Round: J Nesbitt v Reid/Crawley; R McDonnell v M Murphy; C Cunning v P McQuillan; P Kelly v B Darragh; M Crilly v G Boreland; R Baxter v S McIlroy; D McCauley v J McIlreavy; D Tweed v C McClean; B McTaggart v C Moore; A Tweed v W Reid.

The first round will commence in January 2014.