Sloan’s Meats Ballymoney Darts League continues

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The Sloan’s Meats Ballymoney Darts League continues.

The results from this week’s league games are as follows:

Blackwater Bar 0 Blackwater arrows 5 (I.Parke, E.Hutchinson,J .Watt, D.McDonald, F.McMullan); Three Oaks 2 (D.Mulholland, D.Wilson) Joey’s Bar 3 (S.Gage, D.Graham, R.Dunlop); North Irish horse 1 (R.Nelson) Blackwater bar 4 (K.Laverty, G.Small, R.Mooney, T.McCook); Diamond Bar 1 (B.Kane) Rough diamonds 4 (J.Elder, C.McCaw, R.Adair, A.McCosh)

Blackwater Bar V Blackwater Arrows was a re-arranged game.

High scores

I.Parke 5x100 T.McCook 100,140 K.Laverty 3x100,121,135,140 E.Hutchinson 4x100,120 G.Small 3x100,122 J.Watt 100,140,16 darter D.McDonald 6x100,140,180,16 darter J.McCooke 3x100 F.McMullan 2x100,125,140 S.Doherty 2x100,125 S.Gage 5x100,140 D.Mulholland 3x100,123 J.McMullan 2x100 R.O’Kane 100,140 D.Graham 3x100 D.Wilson 2x100,116,117,140 R.Murphy 2x100,125,3x140 S.O’Kane 100,140 R.Dunlop 3x100,125,140 W.Culbertson 2x100 K.Laverty 2x100,125 J.Brennan 100 G.Small 100 B.Nelson 100,121,140 R.Mooney 8x100 R.Nelson 100,120,140 S.Walker 100 N.Walker 2x100 T.McCook 3x100,2x125 R.Madison 2x100 J.Elder 4x100,140 16 darter B.Kane 3x100,119,140 M.McKeeman 2x100,123,2x140 P.McIlvenna 100 C.McCaw 5x100 M.Hamilton 125,133,2x140 16 darter R.Adair 3x100,125,137,139,140 18 darter A.Craig 3x100,140 A.McCosh 4x100,121.

This Friday 20th November the league pairs will be held in the Blackwater Bar, all players to register for 8.45 with play to begin at 9pm.