Sharp shooter Joanna is on target for Biathlon season

Joanna Brownlow at the start of a gruelling roller ski session
Joanna Brownlow at the start of a gruelling roller ski session

Ballymoney sharp shooter Joanna Brownlow has her sights firmly on retaining her British Biathlon Union crown and is unremitting in her training.

Despite the season ending in March, with Joanna being crowned as British Champion in Germany, she has continued to train relenlessly since then.

Joanna Brownlow

Joanna Brownlow

“I train every weekend at Sandhurst,” explained the Army Medic.

“For Biathlon you need to maintain your training all year round which is pretty demanding. You have to push your body to its complete maximum but then very quickly drop your heart rate back down to a much slower pace in order to ensure you shoot well.

“Summer training consists of lots roller skiing followed by lots of shooting practice. The roller skiing gets your heart rate up and you must practice slowing it down as you come into the range.

“We also run, swim, cycle and take part in gym conditioning sessions. All of this gives you an all round high level of fitness which is what is needed to be a successful Biathlon skier. I have also just spent a week at Bisley Rifle Shooting Club where we concentrated on our shooting discipline.”

Not only is Joanne on top of her game in the world of Biathlon, she is also a talented athlete.

“I competed in the Inter Services Atletics Championships recently,” added Corporal Brownlow, “The Army beat the RAF and Navy to take the overall title. I competed in the 100m Hurdles and finished second and I also got my Army colours which I was delighted about.”

Although most people are still winding down from summer mode, Joanna’s attention is firmly focussed on winter sports.

“I will continue training until the end of October. I then travel to Sweden for a week and after that I go to Norway at the end of Novemeber and that’s when the winter season gets underway and it’s all systems go from there.”