Senoritas bring Spanish style to the 2015 Milk Cup Ceremony

Spanish mc girls
Spanish mc girls

There was a little bit of Spanish glamour at the Opening Ceremony for the 2015 Dale Farm Northern Ireland Milk Cup tournament.

Eight Spanish senoritas joined the local lasses as they led the 46 teams, referees, and guests on to the pitch Coleraine Showgrounds.

Sharon Anderson looks after the girls each year and she was delighted to welcome the girls.

“Unfortunately they were unable to experience the Parade through the town, “commented Sharon. “However, they seemed to have really enjoyed themselves despite that.

“They are in Coleraine on an exchange programme and I was asked by Milburn teacher Ian Gilchrist if it was possible for some of them to be involved and I was more than happy to accommodate them..

“My spanish isn’t the best and their english isn’t fantastic but we managed to understand each other ok.”

Sharon has been looking after the Milk Cup girls for the past 16 years but this year she was thrown into a bit of a tizz when the Parade was cancelled due to the inclement weather.

“I got a call saying the Parade was off and things were mental for a while,”added Sharon.

“My mobile was red hot as I had to try and ring all the girls to tell them about the change of plans.

“Thankfully I managed to get most of them and the others I got down at the Town Hall so it all ended well .”