Scorpion BC to host Ulster Select in exhibition Fight Night

James Boyle (Scorpion) and Jake Fleming (Churchlands)
James Boyle (Scorpion) and Jake Fleming (Churchlands)

This Friday night will once again see St. Patrick’s Hall Ballymoney packed with the best young talented boxers in the area as Scorpion Boxing Club hosts an exhibition Fight Night.

The local fighters will face opposition from some of the best known club’s in the Province such as Holy Trinity, Belfast.

“We suddenly have a lot of kids coming back to the club from the Town, which is very pleasing for us,” said Coach Alan Spike Martin. “We want to give them the opportunity to fight and to do it in the heart of the town where everyone can come along and see them box.

“Fight night’s like this are not expensive to come to, however, it’s not about the money aspect of it for me. It’s about keeping these underage kids we have active and keeping them encouraged by having fight nights and getting the opportunity to win medals and trophies.

“It’s alright coming in and training every night and hitting bags and all the repetitive stuff you have to do but we are truying to make the season as exciting as possible for them.

“We have Holy Trinity coming from Belfast which is great. We have been going up there to spar and we have a great relationship with them. Arguably Holy Trinity is one of the best boxing club’s in Ireland and our kids will mainly be boxing fighters from Holy Trinity.

“It’s all about trying to develop our kids and the way i see it is you have to develop them against the best and that will stand them in good stead for the future, especially at such a young age.

“When they start to compete then they aren’t daunted or overawed by these big clubs when they come up against them.

“Some of the young kids we have at the moment are very good and show great potential and I think they are benifitting from these sessions and also from the exhibition fight nights.

“Most of the kids we have are just starting out and I do match them with kids with more experience because you have to do that to bring them on. We are taking them all round the place to spar - from St. Paul’s to Errigal to Churchlands and Holy Trinity and it helps build great spirit amongst the club. We aim to do much more than just train boxers, we help to broaden their horizons and to help them develop as kids.

Scorpion Exhibition Fight Night is on Friday 3rd February at St. Patrick’s Hall, Castle Street, Ballymoney. Doors open at 7.30pm and admission is £5.00 Adults/£3.00 children.