Red light safety at Relentless International NW200

FOR the first time the Relentless International Northwest 200 will introduce a flashing red light system at three locations around the circuit to further enhance rider safety in the event that a race needs to be stopped.

The Red Light System, similar to what is already in use at World Superbike and GP races, will be provided by Arqiva.

Arqiva have been providing the communications solution for the Relentless International Northwest 200 for 3 years and work closely with the organisers each year to develop new ways of improving rider and event safety. Arqiva introduced TETRA at the event in 2009 to improve communications and provide a secure voice and data network.

TETRA technology is widely used by emergency services and other large sporting events to ensure critical information can be passed quickly and securely at all times.

Emphasising the Coleraine & District Motor Club’s continued commitment to improving race safety, race technical director Mervyn Whyte MBE said: “We have selected three key points to install this latest safety feature which are the Start and Finish, between Ballysally and Mathers and at the Metropole.

“Should a race need stopped the lights will be triggered by the race controller John Crichton using the secure TETRA radio system. The red lights, combined with the red flag posts, will ensure riders around the circuit are brought to a safe stop during any incident.”

Arqiva are also responsible for rider and team information points during practice and race week, which includes displaying timing information from the MCUI timekeepers, speed trap information, retirements, track information and a count down clock showing the time left for each practice session - all of which contribute to race safety.

In 2009 the start lights were introduced, replacing the traditional flag, to signal the start of each race ensuring the race complied with international event standards.

The Relentless International Northwest 200 takes place on Saturday 21st May. Please visit: for up to date information on races, competitors, grandstands and hospitality.