Pigeon notes

THE Premier YB Nat was flown from Talbenny in South Wales, liberated with all the Irish birds at the early time of 7.45am in a north west wind on Saturday. It was a hard enough event a number of lofts doing very well while others were late and some failed to record any arrivals at all.

Friday, 3rd September 2010, 1:43 pm

Very typical of this race in testing conditions, the overall winner is expected to be Donnelly Bros of the Newry City who record velocity 1101.

Local lofts will be very well placed with Danny Dixon of Rasharkin best in the Coleraine Centre doing 1097 and W & J Smyth of Ballymena & Dist best in the Cullybackey Centre doing 1095. Danny Dixon timed a Dark Cheq hen a darkness youngster that had all previous races, a direct daughter of their 1st Comb, 1st Sect & 4th Open Rosscarbery winner earlier in the season. Bloodlines are Verschelde x Sumo and the loft has now collected 8 x 1st Comb and 6 x 1st Sect wins following a record season in the Ballymoney HPS. W & J Smyth who timed their bird at 13.39hrs were flying 220 miles and won their third young bird race.

Results Talbenny YB National

Mid Antrim Combine Talbenny YB Nat 88/549 – D Dixon Rasharkin 1097, W & J Smyth Ballymena 1095, A Darragh Cullybackey 1085, M/M M Sempey Ballymena 1084, Reid Bros & McCloy Cullybackey 1076, D Dixon 1068, Surgenor Bros Kells 1057, D Dixon 1055, D Dixon 1054, Surgenor Bros 1053, D Dixon 1048, A C & T Tweed Rasharkin 1042, Surgenor Bros 1039, Russell Bros 1033, H Boyd Kells 1031, D Dixon 1031, C McDowell New Antrim 1030, Young McManus & Sons 1027, A Darragh 1026, D Dixon 1024, D Jackson & Son New Antrim 1023, B Swann & Son Kells 1022, Blair & Rankin Ballymena 1017, G Connolly Broughshane 1016, Houston Bros Randalstown 1015, D Dixon 1015, D Dixon 1015, W & J Smyth 1012, A Darragh 1011, S Steele Cullybackey 1006.

INFC: Members are reminded that the next race from Penzance is due to be flown on Wednesday 8th September, the Blue Riband YB Nat and Old Hens Nat as well. The Robin Duddy Trophy is for the 3 Bird Nomination covering Yearling Nat and Young Bird Nat. Any members who timed one of their three nominated birds in the Yearling Nat can nominate up to 3 birds on the race entry form for YB Penzance. The winner of 1,000 and the Robin Duddy Trophy will be the best average over the two races for those who joined the 3 Bird Nomination.

Mid Antrim fanciers please note the monies for Rosscarbery will be collected on Tuesday 7th September, George McDowell will be at Cullybackey Clubrooms between 8.30pm and 9.30pm. Birds will be race marked in Cullybackey on Thursday 9th September between 4.00pm and 6.30pm. Monies are collected on Tuesday and not Wednesday.

Gary Shaw must get out of the birds and has a loft 30ft just 2 years old for sale and a few stock birds, Hartog, Davy Black etc. Tel: 07756 009393.

Ballymena Pigeon Supplies – News Update

Keith & Linda Kernohan of Ballymena Pigeon Supplies based at the Ballykeel Business Park would like to inform all customers and patrons that they intend to close at the end of the young bird season (September 2010). Due to family time and work commitments they will scale down to one night only on Monday's from their home 6.30pm until 9.00pm. This will cover the sale of Tipes ETS systems and accessories plus Norban Products (wholesale and re-sale). Keith and Linda would like to thank their many valued customers having made some great friends and enjoyed good company over the past few years.

They also thank sincerely all suppliers for their support and it is with great sadness, and a touch of relief to call it a day. They do wish everyone the very best of luck and as always anyone needing any help just phone. Contact Keith on Tel: 07713 273044 after 6.00pm please as Linda's number will no longer be in service. Remember after they close the Unit in the Business Park they will be open each Monday at home as previous between 6.30pm and 9.00pm.

N.I.P.A. Talbenny 28/8/2010

Section B Clubs:

Ballymoney 17/115 - 1st&2nd D Dixon 1097,1068, 3rd J Connolly 1056, 4ththru8th D Dixon 1055,1054,1048,1031,1024, 9th D&H Stuart 1020, 10th D Dixon 1015. Danny wins again. Danny times a Verscheld/JosThone/Wildemeersch and destroys the opposition and not only wins the club, but also takes first MAC, first Section B and second Open.

Ballymena&Dist 10/43 - 1st W&J Smyth 1095, 2nd M/M M Sempey 1084, 3rd Blair&Rankin 1017, 4th W&J Smyth 1012, 5th,6th&7th M Graham 1000,991,965, 8th&9th W&J Smyth 921,840, 10th B O'Rawe 759.

Dervock 6/45 - 1st&2nd D&H Stuart 1020,1006, 3rd W&L McCaw 968, 4th A&M Boyle 964, 5th S Laverty 942, 6th J Hutchinson&Son 911, 7th D&H Stuart 904, 8th A&M Boyle 895, 9th S Laverty 895, 10th D&H Stuart 847.

The comeback Tullamore was flown on Saturday, liberation was at 8.15am. The best local birds were timed by Allister Purvis of Broughshane & Dist, two birds record velocity 1552.

N.I.P.A. Tullamore 28/8/2010

Section B Clubs:

Ballymoney 23/750 - 1st A&M Boyle 1469, 2nd&3rd D Dixon 1463,1448, 4th&5th J Hutchinson&Son 1445,1445, 6th R McIntyre 1419, 7th D&G McMullan 1414, 8th A&M Boyle 1414, 9th&10th D&H Stuart 1411, 1411. A&M Boyle time their Rudi Hendrix cross and go six yards clear to top the sheet and win Tullamore.

Dervock 7/261 - 1st A&M Boyle 1469, 2nd&3rd J Hutchinson&Son 1445,1445, 4th D&G McMullan 1414, 5th A&M Boyle 1414, 6th&7th D&H Stuart 1411,1411, 8th&9th S Laverty 1388,1375, 10th W&L McCaw 1353.

Ballymoney West Combine 10/272 - 1st J Hutchinson&Son 1445, 2nd C Henry 1390, 3rd D Laverty 1375, 4th Curry&Gilmore 1351, 5th J McDowell&Sons 1349, 6th B&I Stewart 1339, 7th R J Elliott 1337, 8th L Neill 1312, 9th D Gage 1200.

Rasharkin&Dist 8/223 - 1st Steele&McNeill 1438, 2nd T Simpson 1408, 3rd Milliken&Barkley 1401, 4th Steele&McNeill 1399, 5th T Simpson 1399, 6th Milliken&Barkley 1390, 7th H Cubitt 1388, 8th J&M Milliken 1346. Steele and McNeill win with a Van de Rhee bred by clubmate Willaim McFetridge. Nom Steel&McNeill. Race kindly sponsored by BRS Cars (Cullybackey).