New season of Sloan’s Meats Darts League underway

Joeys BAr
Joeys BAr

The new season of the Sloan’s meats Ballymoney Darts League began on Friday night and the first week’s results are as follows

Three Oaks 4 (D.McCalmont,D.Mulholland,S.O’Kane,D.Wilson., North Irish Horse 1(J.Gibson)

Diamond Bar 3 (P.McIlvenna,C.Peacock,M.Hamilton), Joey’s Bar 2 (B.Gillen,R.Murphy)

Blackwater Arrows 3 (I.Parke,J.Watt,F.McMullan), Rough Diamonds 2(J.Elder,A.McCosh)

Joey’s 3, 0 Blackwater Bar 5 (G.Small,R.Mooney,T.McCook,K.Laverty,J.Mooney)

The league would like to thank our new sponsors Sloan’s Meats and extend a warm welcome to new teams,Three Oaks and Rough Diamonds.

The Best individual performance for this week goes to A.McCosh from Rough Diamonds with 15 and 17 dart games while best finish went to J.Gibson from North Irish Horse with a 140 checkout T20 T20 D10 while W.Culbertson, J.Watt and R.Adair all hit 180’s.

Other top scores were: I.Parke 2x140,125 and 18 dart game D.McMullan 2x140 J.Watt 180,3x140,134 F.McMullan 140,127 J.Elder 3x140 and 18 dart game

A.McCosh 4x140,125,15 and 17 dart games R.Adair 180,140,121 and 104 finish.

Friday 18th will be the Johnny and Sue cup which will be played in Joey’s bar. All teams must be registered by 8.45PM.

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