Time for partial road closures in Armoy!

Consideration should be given to introducing partial road closures during events in the build up to Armoy Road Races, a number of people have suggested.

Tuesday, 29th July 2014, 9:15 am

In glorious weather conditions, hundreds turned up to the village last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to witness a bike race, vintage cars and vintage bikes all of which have contributed to a race meeting that is growing in stature and rapidly outshining most others in the country.

A carnival atmosphere prevailed in Armoy due to the events and while the race occupies centre stage, the mid-week activities have quickly become a huge focus of interest for many.

However, issues are arising because of the popularity of events namely traffic management which at times during Tuesday night’s highly successful bike race not only caused riders major problems but also spectators and motorists.

With a record 70 riders taking part the need for road safety was paramount and there were occasions when both participants and motorists had to exercise extreme caution as bunches of riders negotiated the more tricky sections of the race route.

Afterwards Maurice McAllister from Ballymoney Cycling Club was delighted with the race and congratulated all who had taken part as well as the crowd for turning up in their hundreds in support.

However, he recognised the need for better traffic management and while not calling for a road closure has suggested that diversion signs such as those at band parades should be introduced.

Many of the riders taking part agreed.

Paul O’Kane from Dunloy Cycling Club agreed commenting: “That was dangerous enough out there tonight. The race was fantastic but because it has grown in numbers motorists should be asked to divert.”

On Wednesday night, there were scores of vintage cars and, again, traffic management was difficult.

The organisers had officials out in force doing their best but it would have been easier had diversion signs been in place.

The matter is likely to be given some consideration by Armoy Motor Cycle Club officials when they review the week’s proceedings. Road closures for events will most certainly not be possible but diversions would be an agreeable option.

Club President, Bill Kennedy, who is also Clerk of the Course, said he would take on board the views of the bike riders.

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