Motorclub’s Sunset Rally Launch - ‘Give ‘er dixie in the dark!’

Magherafelt and District Motorclub are proud to present the launch of the Sunset Rally 2012. This event combines two elements that provide quite a challenge to many drivers- driving on the loose surface of the forest and in the dark!

The rally consists of 20 stage miles with 2 stages done twice. It is the first set of forest stages at night and provides a great testing opportunity before the Lakeland Stages and the Bushwhacker Rally. The added bonus of night time driving adds an extra challenge for the drivers and navigators and it really sorts the men from the boys!

The event will take place on the night of Friday 24th August with rally headquarters at the Corner House in Draperstown. Tracey McAlary of the Corner House was delighted to be announced as the Glenshane Stage sponsor and sponsor for the start and finish.

The Banagher Stage sponsor for this year’s event is McGeehan Motorsport Hire. Derek McGeehan from McGeehan Motorsport is a club member and he was delighted to come on board as a sponsor.

The PPP Group is this year again event sponsor.

Clerk of the Course for this years Sunset Rally is Draperstown’s Brigid Donnelly.

“This is my first time as Clerk of the Course and I would like to thank my colleagues in the Motorclub for affording me this opportunity and to all those on the organising committee who have worked tirelessly to organise the rally. I would also like to thank all the sponsors who have helped make this event possible, we at MADMC truly value their support and commitment. I would like to wish all the competitors Good Luck in this challenging night time event. I hope they have a safe and enjoyable rally and I look forward to congratulating them all when they reach the Draperstown finish.”

Service for this years rally will be held at Draperstown Commercials and with an entry fee of only £145 this event is surely not one to be missed! The motorclub have also produced an offer for all competitors who participated in their Tour of the Sperrins rally- these competitors either driver or navigator will receive £20 discount towards their Sunset entry. Entries for the rally are coming in thick and fast so to any potential crews, you better put your entry in quickly! There are crews making it all the way from Bantry in Co. Cork just to be able to take part in these evening stages.

If you would like to put in an entry form for this unmissable rally please check the motorclub website for details.

Spectators are welcome at the event which starts at 7:30pm at the Corner House in Draperstown on Friday 24th August. This is your chance to see local and national drivers and some very special cars in Mid- Ulster. The rally stages in the forests at Glenshane and Banagher are easily accessible for spectators, so, if you fancy watching the sun set while breathing in the adrenaline of fast paced action then come along and see the Sunset with us!