Thirds downed by Valley

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Causeway 3rds VS Valley 3rds

Causeway knew this was going to be a tough match from the start but went out determined and fighting, leaving the first quarter on a 10-win lead to Causeway. Causeway went out fighting in the second quarter with great defending from GK(Rebecca Lewis) and GD (Caris Robinson).

The team was talking to each other more and began to communicate with each other which brought a connection between the team leaving the second quarter on 18-19 to Valley. The third quarter soon began with Causeway determined to win the match.

There was great work from everyone on court with great interceptions from WD (Christine Smith) to leave the third quarter on 27-29 to Valley. In the last quater the Causeways heads began to drop when Valley began shooting and getting a few points ahead.

This showed Causeway making silly mistakes and left the match with a win to Valley on 33-38

Causeway 3rds

GK- Rebecca Lewis GD- Caris Robinson WD- Christine Smith C- Amy Moore WA- Séanagh Wallace GA- Aimee McPollard GS- Chloe Craig