Terrific victory on the road for Blaze over league leaders PVC

Ballymoney blaze volleyball club women's first team against Coleraine university. INBM49-14S
Ballymoney blaze volleyball club women's first team against Coleraine university. INBM49-14S

A brilliant match between Blaze firsts and PVC saw the Ballymoney women winning 3-0.

This was an excellent result for this young team against such strong competitors.

The first set went off to a strong start with blaze winning 25-16.

PVC put up a good fight with very consistent serving throughout all three sets but, Blaze coped with this well with their strong passing unit consisting of Teanna Mills, Rhian McCarroll and Isy Ross.

PVC felt pressure from the beginning calling the first time out at 4-7. After the time out Blaze lost the point and PVC’s strongest server was put on the back line, which put some pressure on Blaze who lost a string of points but with coach David Park calling a time out at 15-16. Blaze listened to the wise words which clearly helped the young team as they managed to then win the set 16-25.

The second set got increasingly more competitive and both teams settled into their own. Zara Bolton (setter) played a brilliant game making use of every ball (no matter how difficult the pass).

An extremely strong set for middle Ellen Yates acting like a wall, blocking the opposition over and over again. The second set finished 25-21 to Blaze. PVC’s determination increased again in the final set, putting up a tough fight. Rhian Mccarroll and Zara Bolton had some amazing pick ups from PVC’s smart, strong attacking players.

Ellen Yates continued to play at her very best. Along with very strong hits from Ellen Monteith (captain) in the opposite position, not only did she do some outstanding hits, along with Teanna Mills they provided lots of cheer which really helped to keep the teams morale high.

The final set ended a tight 26-24 to Blaze. This was a brilliant result against the league table leaders PVC.

Many thanks to the referees, coaches and PVC for the great match. Also a well done to MVP of the match Ellen Yates.