Sun shines for Armoy Horse show

On the 11th August Armoy Community Association hosted the 9th Armoy Horse Show at Armoy Rugby Grounds with the kind permission of the Rugby Club and John & Liam Devlin.

The sun shone and the many who attended had an enjoyable day and were awarded by a high standard of showing and jumping.  The Clydesdale judge was Carolynne Crawford. Due to the last minute indisposition of the showing judge Robin Marrs and John Kilgore stepped into the breech and did a sterling job.

Armoy Community Association would like to sincerely thank the judges, the first aiders, the volunteer helpers and a special word of thanks goes to the competitors who supported us and helped to make this event such a success. Photographs were kindly taken by Artemis Photographic and Peter Molloy.

This event is only possible with the kind support of our sponsors and Armoy Community Association are greatly indebted to Richmond Agricultural Supplies, Lee Johnston, Sheans Horse Farm, Causeway Pallets & Transport, Chestnut Animal Feeds, Christie Agricultural Supplies, Connolly Transport, Danny Mathews, Jamison Land Rover, John Kilgore, Limepark Cottages, McAfee Estate Agents, McAuley Car Breakers, McFadden Spar, North Antrim Country Store, Paul McAleese & Ray Boylan

The Armoy Community Association would like to thank the Route Hunt Pony Club for their help with the show jumping and Shirley Smyth and all her helpers for providing some of the fences on the day.

For more photographs see the Armoy Horse Show facebook page.


Horse Showing

Racehorse to Riding Horse- Ferguson Cup: 1) Jill Davidson, Oh Jackie; 2) Katrina Macintosh, Larkmead; 3) Katrina Buchan, MossBank.

Hunter Brood Mare in foal or with foal at foot or having produced a foal in 2010 – Kilgore Cup: 1) Janet Currie, Ballybregagh Creggans Mill.

Coloured Cob Brood Mare: - 1) Danny Mathews, Josie; 2) Doneo McAllister, Beauty; 3) Matthew Hemphill, Dolly.

Coloured Cob Foal: - 1) Matthew Hemphill, Sally; 2) Danny Mathews, Ben.

In Hand Show Hunter – McCarroll Plant Hire Cup: 1) Frank Dickie, FSD Ohio; 2) Iain White, Kansas River; 3) Janet Currie, Roni.

In Hand Native Breed or Cob: 1) Sammy Smith, Blossim; 2) Nan Wilkinson, Gyspy; 3) Danny Mathews, Packie.

Ridden Show Hunter - Gracehill Golf Club Cup: 1) Karina McVeigh, Midnight Reflection; 2) Tracy Blair, Ralph; 3) Laura Hunter, Rosie.

Ridden Family Horse - Brookevale Equestrian Cup: 1) Paige Mc Alister, JR; 2) Tracy Blaire, Ralph; 3)Katrina McVeigh, Midnight Reflection.

Black & White Traditional Cob – Cassley Cup: 1) Nan Wilkinson, Gyspy; 2) Cecil CallaghanSammy Smith, Blossim; 3)Danny Mathews, Packie.

In Hand Coloured Horse / Pony: 1) Katrina McVeigh McVeigh, Midnight Reflection; 2)Kim McKeown, Geordie; 3)Sam Smith, Blossim.

Overall Horse Champion – Limepark Cottages Cup: Frankie Dickie, FSD Ohio. Reserve: Karina McVeigh, Midnight Reflection.   

Clydesdale Showing

Filly 1 year old: 1) Graffin Hanna, Mcfin Crystal Gail; 2) John Henderson, Macfin Megan; Sandra Henderson, Croaghmore Roxy.

Colt or Gelding 2 years old: 1) S & V Parke, Dairtlough Micdan.

Filly 2 years old: 1)A & G Tanner, Downhill Snowflake.

Best Yearling Colt or Filly: 1) John Henderson, Macfin Megan.

Overall Clydesdale Champion – Armoy Filling Station Cup: Graffin Hanna, Macfin Crystal Gail; Reserve – McAfee Properties & Mortgages Shield: S & V Parke Dairtlough Micdan.

Pony Showing

Lead Rein: 1) Anna Jackon, Razzle dazzle; 2) Ben Robinson, Tilly Trotter; 3) Sophie Graham, Scobbiedon’t.

Ridden Family Pony: 1) Elle Moore, Annabell; 2) Oran Wattson, Lucy; 3) Aine Cassley, Rainbow.

Ridden Show Pony: 1) Emma Marrs, John Joe; 2) Amy Thompson, Hugh; 3) Chloe Smyth,Grossowen Lochann.

Overall Pony Champion  – Marine Hotel Cup: Anna Jackson, Razzle Dazzle; Reserve Emma Marrs, John Joe.

Best of Show – DML Turgot Tax Consultants Award: Frank Dickey, FDS Ohio. Reserve Graffin Hanna, Macfin Crystal Gail.

Show Jumping

Pony Warm Up: Clear rounds - Toni McClenaghan, Blue Jeans; Bonnie Gibbs, Lucy; Chloe McArthur, Flash of Lightening; Nicole Shaw, Lucy.

Pony Novice 128: Clear Rounds - Elle Johnston, Marge; Elle Johnston, Joe.

Pony Open 128 - Sheans Horse Farm Cup: 1) Elle Johnston, Joe; 2) Elle Johnston, Marge; 3) Toni McClenaghan, Blue Jeans.

Pony Novice 138: Clear Rounds - Kai Dillenburger-Keolan, Oisin; Jodie Farley, Reme; Ross McCullogh, Sapphire; Abbie Patton, Ryan; Conny Patton, Charm;Wendy Anerese, Golden Wonder.

Pony open 138 - Tuck Inn Cup: 1) Wendy Anderson, Pedro; 2) Brittany McAfee, Sticky Toffee; 3)Jodie Ferley, Rene.

Pony Novice 148:  Clear Rounds - Abbie Patton, Ryan; Brittany Mcafee, Teseamara; Conny Patton, Prince; Amy Thompson , Hugh; Ross McCullogh, Sapphire; Brittany Mcafee, Mille.

Pony Open 148 - Paul Traynor Cup: 1) Brittany McAfee, Sticky Toffee; 2) Brittany McAfee, Tesamara; 3) Conny Patton, Prince.

Horse Warm Up: Clear Rounds - Fiona Thompson, Paddy; Rosemary Moffat, The Jarvey; Nicholas Moffat, Jack; Kate Allen, Ace; Chloe Smith, Kiara;

Horse Novice: Clear Rounds - John Jackson, Rooster; Kathryn Knox, Springvale Prince; Fiona Thompson, Ali; Judith Jackson, Shannelcaa; Rae Farley , Nelly; Lesley McDowell, Merlin; Mike Alcorn, Lon;

Horse Open: 1) Naomi Wilson, Lucy; 2) Grace McGarry, Ferro; 3) Fiona Thompson, Dakota.

Power & Speed - Richmond Country Stores Cup: 1) Philip White, April 2) Lisa Boyle, Bannside Boy; 3) Shannon Cole, Mya.

Puissance - North West Farriers Cup: Joint Winnesr - Lisa Boyle, Bannside Boy; Shannon Cole, Mya.

Horse Drive winner - Joe O’Kane, Danny.