St Brigid’s GAC are on lookout for new local talent

St Brigid’s GAC committee member Cathal McLaughlin has said that the club are always on the lookout for new talent and also want to give the children in the area more of a selection of indoor sports to be involved in coming into the winter months.

Mr McLaughlin said: “For too long the practice in sport has been to identify and cultivate the talented players and elite teams at younger and younger ages. There is the tendency to nurture the perceived best and neglect the rest. At St. Brigid’s GAC Cloughmills, we recognise that it is vital that there is a balance between the need to win games versus the need to develop children and recognise the importance of fair play and provide full participation within an environment where kids are encouraged to achieve their full potential.

“It may be obvious that children play hurling to enjoy themselves and have fun, but there are many more reasons why parents should encourage children to participate:

* Increased confidence – playing hurling will provide children with confidence, and allow them to develop a real sense of achievement.

* Becoming part of a team – children like to feel as though they are part of a team. It also challenges them to work as a group and to think of others.

* Improved skills – playing hurling helps children develop a range of skills including balance, co-ordination and agility.

* Children that participate in sports are less likely to be overweight and suffer health problems.

“We realise that all children are individuals and the rate at which they develop will be different. Therefore, during coaching sessions emphasis is put on the child’s own progress, and not on comparing their achievements with those of others. This means that where possible, individual instruction and challenges are provided.

“With this in mind St.Brigids GAC are starting a Biddy Ogs club, for primary school kids from P1 to P5; and invite children from not only St Brigids School but also children from surrounding areas who attend different schools but want to be part of the GAA set up within the village,where although the kids will be coached in the skills and fundamentals of hurling, the emphasis will be on having fun!

“The first training for the Biddy Ogs will be on Friday 30th November from 7 to 8pm in the Community Centre. While Helmets and indoor sticks are available kids are encouraged to bring their own.

“Parents are welcome to come along and watch their kids have fun. For further information, details can be obtained from our club chairman on the afollowing number: Seamus Watson (07590470399).”