Social Club Cup this Friday

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Ballymoney Times Darts League

On Friday, February 4 was league week 13. The results were:

McKillops Bar v Joeys Bar 3 7 - 0

Bush Tavern v Royal British Legion 4 - 3

Kellys Flights v Bye

North Irish Horse A v Mollys Bar 4 - 3

Joeys Bar v Scotch House 1 - 6

The high scores were:

G Craig 2x100-140, L Connelly 2x100-121, A McErlain 2x100, A Craig 140-100, D Gage 2x100, N Shannon 2x100-2x121-103, G Davidson 4x100, J McCook 3x140-3x100-121, A McNicholl 3x100, J McCook Jnr 140-121-100, P Archibald 3x100, S McErlain 3x100, R Dunlop 4x140-135-123-100, S Moore 4x140-121 3x100, P Robinson 2x100-120, A Martin 3x100-140, G Park 2x100-140-125, B Gillen 2x100, K Black 2x100, T Campbell 121, M Sweeney 134-131-118-100, W Culbertson 3x100-140, P Strickland 4x100, D Ramage 6x100-140, M Hamilton 2x100-140-135-106, C McCaw 4x100-137-135-120-127, J Woods 2x100-135-125, J Elder 8x100-115, P Forgnowe 2x140-2x100, M Barr 4x100, D McDonald 3x140-4x100-121, J Watt 5x100-2x140, J McMullan 2x100-140-137, I Park 137, S Pinkerton 2x100-140, P Kelly 2x140-2x100-122.

Friday, February 11 - Ballymoney Social Club Cup

The Ballymoney Social Club Cup will be played in McKillops Bar, Dervock on Friday, Febuary 11.

This is a seven person team event and team captains are asked to register their team for 8.45pm. Registration fee is £7 per team. Please register teams early so draws can be made and darts start at 9pm.

Fixtures for Friday, February 18 - League week 14

Bush Tavern v Bye

Royal British Legion v McKillops Bar

Joeys Bar 3 v Joeys Bar

Scotch House v North Irish Horse A

Mollys Bar v Kellys Flights