Rosie’s a real strongwoman!

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A local athlete has powered her way to a top place in a local strongwoman competition in Coleraine.

Rosie McMullan, formerly from Stranocum and now living in Ballymoney, took second and third places respectively in the overall competition and her specific weight classm, writes Martin Toney.

The challenges in which she took place where tests of both skill, endurance and strength in equal measure.

Having taken part in the Dervock marathon only weeks before, the window for training was limited, but given the time, Rosie managed to elevate herself to a state that allowed her to Flip Tyres 10 times in 24 seconds, Press Lift tremendous weights single-handed and even lift car axles with the tyres still attatched.

Talking about lifting the car axle she told us: “Lifting the car axle was really difficult, seeing as how the tyres where still attached they would start to spin and that would shift the balance of the weight.”

This would of course have made it a considerably more difficult lift.

Rosie’s training involved body wrecking, weight training and full body conditioning to allow her to accomplish these seemingly herculean tasks.

She commented on the event saying that she saw it as a new challenge and later said “it was a first for me” and when asked her reasons for entering she replied. “why not?”.

With Iron Fist gym only having been open only six months they are already considering expansion on their current format to possibly include new methods of training or possibly even new locales.

The current training regime consists of Group Training exercises, Spin Cardio and Kettle Bells among other things, meaning there is something for everyone who wants to get healthy and fit

Be it individually or as part of a group, the high quality equipment supplied ensure great results.

As a result of her success Rosie was extended and invitation to a strength and fitness world championships on the 6th October of this year, so we can assume she will be back in training in preparation for the event.

The event that took place beside Coleraine’s River Bann waterfront was a sponsored event, in an attempt to raise money for the “Pretty In Pink” charity foundation of which Dave has become a keen supporter of.

The event was organised by former UK and World Strongman Dave Warner of Renegade Strongman in an effort to raise money for Pretty in Pink.

Rosie is from Iron fist Gym (Facebook Handle: