Results from Bushmills and District League

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Results received this week in the Bushmills and District Bowling League were:

Week Commencing 17-Jan-11 League

Carncullagh 0.5 v Ballywatt 6.5

Week Commencing 24-Jan-11 League

Bushmills 6 v Dunluce Parish 1

Week Commencing 31-Jan-11 League

Armoy 0 v Benvarden 7

Carncullagh 5.5 v Bushmills 1.5

Dunluce Parish 5 v Trinity 2

This leaves the Bushmills and District League starting to settle out into three tiers with clubs all jockeying for position in their respective places

Liscolman have played 14 games and have 81.5 points.

Benvarden 13 - 77.5

Mosside 11 - 50

Bushmills 13 - 48.5

Armoy 13 - 44

Ballywatt 12 - 42

Dunluce Pres 12 - 34.5

Trinity 15 - 24

Carncullough - 12 - 23

Dunluce Parish 13 - 23

This week sees the competitive Charity Shield Semi-Finals being played. Benvarden v Bushmills at Mosside was on Monday 7th February and Mosside v Liscolman is due at Benvarden on Tuesday 8th February.

The Bushmills and District League Competitions have also been arranged for the last fortnight in March and with the new competition of Ladies Singles starting it off the dates for your dairy are Ladies Singles in Liscolman on Monday 21st March.

Pairs in Benvarden on Tuesday 22nd March.

Singles and Junior Singles in Bushmills on Wednesday 23rd March.

Charity Final in Trinity on Thursday 24th March.

Rinks in Ballywatt on Tuesday 29th March.

Over 50’s in Armoy on Wednesday 30th March.

Triples and League Meeting in Mosside on Thursday 31st March.