Rafters Sharks sink Hotshots

RAFTERS Sharks sunk Rafters Hotshots in the final of snooker’s Kieran McGrath Memorial Cup competition at Rafters in Ballymoney.

In the first match Lee Corr of the Sharks took on Johnny Downs of Hotshots. Downs was the man of both frames.

In the first frame he cleared up from brown ball to black but Corr took the lead in the second frame until to see Downs grind him down and with Downs 28 points ahead Corr needed snookers, leaving Downs to take the frame.

in the second match Ryan Murphy (Sharks) tackled Sammy Shirley of the Hotshots. Murphy knocked in a nice 28 break in the first frame and won the second clearing from brown ball to black.

The third tie saw Dylan Murray of the Sharks tussle with Cedric Hargin of the Hotshots. Hargan had his chances to beat top player Murray and went 50 points clear of him at one time but Murray knocked in a 36 break to catch him in the end on the green to the black to win the frame.

The second frame went to the wire with Hargan putting up a great fight but it came down to the colours and Murray knocked in blue pink and black to take the frame.

In the fourth match Stefan Christie was up against Andrew McAlonan. In the first frame McAlonan put top man Stefan Christie through his paces knocking in 14 and 27 breaks and McAlonan took the first frame in the colours.

In the final frame if the Hotshots could win it would have to go to a play-off to decide who would lift the Cup.

McAlonan started well going 18 points in front but Christie was having none of it and put on a bit of an exhibition match and went 27 points in front and secured the final frame for Sharks on the blue pink a very stylish black to make Sharks the winner of the cup.

Kieran McGrath’s partner Dorothy presented the Cup to Sharks and made a presentation to Rafters owners Uel and Richard and thanked them for everything they had done for her and said she looked forward to next year’s competition.