Rafters Charity Shield Competition

Thursday 13 October saw the start of the Charity Shield Competition with Rafters Home League.

All six league teams entered. Each team consisted of four players playing two frames.

Rafters Sharks v Rafters Untouchables 6-2

Rafters Rockets v Rafters Hotshots 5-3

Rafters Legends v Rafters Aces 6-2

The Semis

Rafters Sharks v Hotshots 6-2

Rafters Legends v Rafters Rockets 5-4

Legends and Rockets was a tense match with both teams scoring 4 points each.

Paddy McCook (Legends) and Dean McCahon (Rockets) were drawn out to play each other in a play-off with Paddy winning to take Legends into the final with Rafters Sharks.

The final will be played tonight at 7.30pm.

Thursday 3 November sees the start of the 2nd round of Rafters Home League.

These are the scores at the end of the first round:

Rafters Sharks 13

Rafters Legends 13

Rafters Rockets 11

Rafters Untouchables 10

Rafters Hotshots 7

Rafters Aces 6

Each team plays each other 5 times.