Ports outclassed by leaders Portadown in Linden Cup

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Portrush 1st XI traveled to play Portadown in another Linden Cup fixture.

After last week’s encouraging performance against South Antrim, Portrush believed they could challenge the much superior Portadown squad.

As the game commenced, Portadown where on the attack and Portrush where on the back foot and in a matter of minutes Portadown gained a short corner which was precisely placed in the left bottom corner, to make it 1-0.

Portrush just couldn’t seem to find the ball, as Portadown kept wearing down the Portrush. Playing from a long corner, a slick one two past the Portrush defence left space for the Portadown player to fire away a shot to make it 2-0. Within five minutes, Portadown found the net for a third time.

As the match carried on the Portrush team became frustrated and almost desperate for the ball.After a green card saw them down to ten men, Portadown bagged another goal to make it 4-0.

As the Portadown forwards continued to press the Portrush defence. the umpire flashed another green card, and while Portrush were at a disadvantage, Portadown put in a fifth goal.

Portrush finally managed to score a goal by Leon Smith.

After the break, a tired and frustrated Portrush played for their pride, attempting to not get embarrassed by Portadown. But again with great play up the right wing Portadown played the ball round the Portrush team to put it away yet again, to make it 6-1.

A yellow card put Portrush down a man for a third time, and it wasn’t long before the Portadown captain scored the seventh, and soon came the eighth goal.

This was a very disappointing game for Portrush, but just shows the level of standard that the squad will be faced with this season.

Andrew Christie was a great asset in the Portrush side aswell as a hardworking performance by Aaron Kerr who didn’t seem to stop throughout the game. Eventually during the final stages of the game Portrush did have more of the ball.

Portrush will face Queens this Saturday, and will be determined to play a better game.

Portrush: Gordon McAlister, Ryan Smith, Brent Smith, Andrew Christie, Richard McNabb, Leon Smith, Greame Christie, Callum McKeeman, Lewis Greene, Neil McMaster, Aaron Kerr, Philip Linton, Andrew McConaghie

Man of the Match: Andrew Christie