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FAME. Ruth Rodgers presents the Hall of Fame Diploma to Billy McCaw.INBM16-12 9061F.
FAME. Ruth Rodgers presents the Hall of Fame Diploma to Billy McCaw.INBM16-12 9061F.

Before the new season starts I want to look at some of the award winners within the Irish National Flying Club in 2011.

Gold medals are awarded to pigeons that are timed 4 times in the prizes from the King’s Cup.

These are exceptional pigeons and this year we have one winner, Jackie Waring of Lisburn.

There were 11 Hall of Fame awards for pigeons timed 3 times in the prizes from the King’s Cup.

There was also one winner of the Friendship National Triple Award for a pigeon 3 times in the result from the Friendship National.

W McCaw, Ballymoney HPS

Billy McCaw’s Hall of Fame pigeon, “Greystone Girl” is a four-year-old blue cheq hen whose breeding is from birds from Ken Hine.

Her first success from the King’s Cup was in 2009 when as a two-year-old she was 127th flying a distance from Plaudren Vannes of 532 miles.

Then in 2010 she was 161st and finally in 2011 to complete the trio of prizes she was 86th Open. She went to this year’s King’s Cup feeding a small young Bird, her first of the year. Preparation for the big race consisted of two Inland races each year, and the first time back in 2009 she also had a Talbenny. She was also flown around the loft each morning and evening and a number of short private training tosses saw this hen in the right condition to successfully fly this premier event to be in the prizes three times and win a Hall of Fame Diploma.

News from INFC

As we approach a new season there is much to report from the Irish National Flying Club. The closing date for membership is Saturday 28th April. The membership fee is £15 for existing members and for those not members in 2011 the fee is £25. Forms are available for download on www.infc.co.uk

In 2012 the Yearling National will be a Diamond Jubilee event with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals going to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Open INFC. £1,000 has been added to the prize fund for the race with a Free Nom having 10 prizes of £100.

The same applies to the Friendship National in 2012, which will be known as the Olympic Friendship National. Again there will be Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Open in line with the Olympic theme. As in the Diamond Jubilee Yearling National there will be a Free Nom with 10 prizes of £100.

Windsor Social HPS - The club is holding a Breeder/Buyer Sale in the Coronation Social Clubrooms, Creamery Road, Coleraine on Thursday 19th April at 8.00 pm with birds on view from 7.00 pm onwards. Squeakers from the leading local lofts, a top class selection. The Breeder/Buyer race is open to all members in the three Coleraine Triangle clubs.

HOMER Training finally underway, weather still causing problems. Good turn-out reported by the trainers on Easter Saturday, next possible day looks like Tuesday, followed by the next three days. NIPA racing starts this weekend. Ballymena contacts - Homer Tel: 07538 238364. Tom McAlonan Tel: 07561 417232, Harry Richmond Tel: 07796 304926. Updates on the website.