McIlwaine, Swan and McAllister are winners again for BCC!

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Devon wins at Katesbridge

Rising star at Ballymoney Cycling Club Devon McIlwaine is taking Cycling Ulster races by storm, having just started this year, Devon has been knocking on the door of a win in the past couple of outings.

In the A4 at Katesbridge on Saturday on the 3rd lap Devon caught the rest of the bunch by surprise when he launched a savage attack opening a gap of 38 seconds at the line from 2nd Gareth Rodgers(Banbridge CC) and 3rd Ian Walker (West Down Wheelers).

Ballymoney CC would like to congratulate Devon on his excellent victory and his upgrading from A4 to A3, this gives the local club a strong team of racers going into 2012.

Steven McAllister wins Non Aero 10 Time Trial

This event is designed to help riders get used to riding on their own and to help simulate the experience in a road race where you have a situation where you are trying to break away from the field or close a gap to a breakaway.

The time trial rules for this event do not allow the high gizmo’s used in normal time trials.

Riders are only permitted to use a standard racing bike, no tri bars, disc and deep section wheels, skin suits/speed suits or aero helmets.

This may be seen as the original way that racing was conducted and yes you would be correct in thinking so.

The winner of the race was Steven McAllister, from Wayne Stevens and Jason Henry, super fast under 14 schoolboy Aaron Swan put in a flying time of 24mins and 9 seconds.

Just started schoolboy Stuart Laverty beat his personal best with a new time of 28 mins and 8 seconds.

Ballybogey 10mile non aero time trial results:

1st Stevie McAllister. 23mins 32

2nd Wayne Stevens 23mins 36

3rd. Jason Henry. 23mins 50

4th. Jason Taggart. 23mins 56

5th. Aaron Swan. 24mins 09

6th. Nail O’hagan 24mins 26

7th. Devon McIlwaine. 24mins 35

8th. Martin Carroll. 24mins 51

9th. Neville Patton. 24mins 52

10th. Oliver Bateson. 25mins 36

11th. Nigel Elder. 26mins 03

12th. Connor Higgins. 26mins 40

13th G Elliott. 27mins 13

14th. Stuart Laverty. 28mins 08

15th. Trevor pollock. 31 mins 24

Women’s results

1st C O’Hagon. 34mins 29

2nd. E McAree. 36mins 05

Aaron Swan wins Cycling Ulster Youth TT and Road Championships, full report and photos next week.

Coming events

This Wednesday night Ballymoney Cycling Club will promote their Road Race championships on the Tullaghans circuit. Race starts at 7pm