Last race of season

THE last race of the season got a fantastic day. The INFC birds were released in Skibbereen on Saturday at 9.45am in a North East wind to be a helping SE en-route.

Best bird in the Muckamore Centre was just short of five hours into Belfast, Grattan Bros of Eastway timed at 14.43hrs recording velocity 1512 for the 256 miles. Beggs & Hall from Larne & Dist were next best followed by D & J Campbell & Bigger of the Eastway who had four birds in the Top 10. Danny Dixon who races with both Rasharkin and Ballymoney HPS had the best bird into Mid Antrim timing his Grizzle cock at 15.00hrs to record velocity 1487 for the 266 miles into Dunloy.

Danny is a former winner of this YB Nat and returned a good card with five early birds. The Kells & Dist Chairman Brian Swann was well placed and Reid Bros & McCloy were the winners in Cullybackey, a great young bird season with 9 x 1sts. Brian O’Rawe had 1st Ballymena & Dist with the runner-up the week previous from Rosscarbery, the Blue cock was bred from birds obtained from Martin Graham his top Jacobs x Grondelaer. Mr & Mrs Sempey finished on a high note, five birds timed in under half an hour.

Muckamore Centre Skibbereen YB Nat – Grattan Bros Eastway 1512, Beggs & Hall Larne 1494, D & J Campbell & Bigger Eastway 1492, D Dixon Rasharkin 1487, D & J Campbell & Bigger 1482, D & J Campbell & Bigger 1479, D & J Campbell & Bigger 1479, G & S Smith Cookstown 1469, G K & I Moxham Larne 1459, Hanna & McClurkin Ligoniel 1455, J Hutchinson & Son Ballymoney 1453, B Swann & Son Kells 1451, Bingham & Seaton Ligoniel 1448, D Dixon 1448, D Dixon 1447, Smyth & Bittles Shankill 1447, D & J Campbell & Bigger 1444, D Dixon 1443, G K & I Moxham 1441, D Dixon 1437, Beggs & Hall 1437, D & J Campbell & Bigger 1437, G K & I Moxham 1435, M/M G Robinson Carrick Soc 1435, Arthurs & George Ballycarry 1435, Bingham & Seaton 1435, Grattan Bros 1434, Reid Bros & McCloy Cullybackey 1433, J & D McWhirter Larne 1433, Baxter & Holden Larne 1428.

Mid Antrim Combine Skibbereen North YB Nat - D Dixon Rasharkin 1487, B Swann & Son Kells 1451, D Dixon 1448, D Dixon 1447, D Dixon 1443, D Dixon 1437, Reid Bros & McCloy Cullybackey 1433, B O’Rawe Ballymena 1426, M/M M Sempey Ballymena 1422, A Darragh Cullybackey 1403, K Wilkinson & Son New Antrim 1397, M/M M Sempey 1395, Reid Bros & McCloy 1389, A Darragh 1388, A Darragh 1384, J McNaghten & Son Ballymena 1381, Reid Bros & McCloy 1379, M/M M Sempey 1371, K Wilkinson & Son 1366, A Darragh 1365, Balmer Young & Son Ahoghill 1359, D Dixon 1358, J McNaghten & Son 1355, M/M M Sempey 1339, D Dixon 1336, A Darragh 1321, D Craig Ballymena 1318, M/M M Sempey 1315, Reid Bros & McCloy 1312, Reid Bros & McCloy 1304.

Club Results Skibbereen North –

Ballymoney HPS 3/32 – D Dixon 1487, J Hutchinson & Son 1458, D Dixon 1448, 1447, 1443, 1437, J Hutchinson & Son 1420, D Dixon 1358, 1337, D & G McMullan 1307. Danny finishes off the young bird season with another win from Skibbereen Nat. The winning Grizzle cock is Van den Brande and is looking good for 10th North Sect & 10th Open INFC having won 1st in the Mid Antrim Combine.

Dervock RPS 2/12 – J Hutchinson & Son 1458, 1420, D & G McMullan 1307, J Hutchinson & Son 1282, 1253.

Ballymena & District – B O’Rawe 1426, M/M M Sempey 1422, M/M M Sempey 1395, J McNaghten & Son 1381, M/M M Sempey 1371, J McNaghten & Son 1355, M/M M Sempey 1339, D Craig 1318, M/M M Sempey 1315.

Ballykeel Inv – M/M M Sempey 1422, 1395, 1371, 1339, 1315.

Ahoghill Flying Club – Balmer Young & Sons 1359, J Orr & Son 1255, 1130, A & N Young 1109.

Ballymena & District HPS will be holding a Pigeon Moot with top guests at the Ballymena United Social Club, Warden Street on Thursday 25th October at 8.00pm Supper at Half-Time followed by a small sale of top quality late-breds from well known lofts, and other friends of the club. Pay at the door, just £4.00. For details contact Chairman Tom McAlonan Tel: 07561 417232 or Secretary Willie Reynolds Tel: 07538 238364.

Mid Antrim Combine Secretary George McDowell has requested claims for the season’s cups and trophies, winners from last season should return same as soon as possible to allow time for engraving etc. Old Bird Inland Ave, Cross Channel Average, OB Average, B Eagleson Memorial (1st 3 cross channel races), YB Average, Combined Average O/B & Y/B, Bird of the Year, New North Cup Best Ave Bude OB & Talbenny YB Nat. All claims to George before Saturday 29th September, and do please return all cups, write to 14 Shankbridge Road, Ballymena BT42 3DJ.

Kells & Dist HPS have another Social Evening planned to take place in the Dunsilly Hotel, Antrim on Friday 26th October, pay at the door. Prior to the main event the Kells & Dist HPS will present the prizes for the year. More details later.

At the end of the season members need to claim for the various awards, deadline is two weeks after the final race flown last weekend from Rosscarbery, that is on or before Sat 29th September, no late claims will be entertained. Bookings now being taken for tickets to the Annual Ladies Night to be held at the Templeton Hotel in Templepatrick on Friday 9th November. NIPA Secretary Fred Russell has requested that all cups and trophies are returned ASAP, and in a clean condition.

Could all the INFC 2011 trophy winners please return them to Ronnie Johnston or Trevor Topping. The annual dinner will be held in the Stormont Hotel Belfast on Friday 30th November 2012. Members should make claims for all the various awards as per Race Booklet issued to the membership. Merit Awards will be presented to any pigeon twice an Open Prize-winner in either the Kings Cup or the Friendship Nat. Please make all claims to Trevor Topping INFC Secretary.