Frustrating day for Ballymoney

ON Saturday Ballymoney entertained Ulster Elks at the JDLC in their third game of this season’s Ulster Shield.

This game was played at a frantic pace by both teams who cancelled each other out in the first half of this very entertaining encounter.

Ballymoney dominated as the pace of this game never dropped. They were awarded a short corner after some sustained pressure which was cleared by Elks.

The full forward line of Jess Lynch, Robyn Chambers and Kate Caithness tirelessly closed down the Elks defence. The midfield of Bridget Clelland, Nikki Parke and Emma Kernohan worked together to curtail Ulster Elks with Bridget and Nikki working relentlessly with some great interlinking play. There was great support and positive encouragement for the introduction of young players Nicola Sargent and Alex Halliday.

The second half started at the same pace and at 6 minutes Ballymoney won their 2nd short corner with some excellent attacking play. Elks defence stepped out and cleared the ball awarding Ballymoney a long corner, unfortunately still no goal. Elks made a break 17 min in and only for a magnificent save from Sammy Jo Greer Ballymoney would have been one goal down.

Ballymoney dominated posession though they were unable to tun it into goals. With some great pressure by the Ballymoney backs, Suzie Sneddon(Martin), Lauren Steen(Barr), Gayle Adams and Angie Huey all worked tirelessly all pushing forward to add to the attack.

Some frustrating umpire decisions added to the atmosphere created by both teams’ desire to win. Ballymoney had another series of short corners at 26 min and 32 min but the Elks keeper was again on form. A number of attacks should have resulted in either a goal or short corner but achieved neither.

Ballymoney never stopped during this encounter and deserved more from it. All concerned were left frustrated with the score line but heartened by the effort and work rate of all the players.