Five star Firsts

Bridget Cleland was the hat-trick hero for Ballymoney last week.
Bridget Cleland was the hat-trick hero for Ballymoney last week.

Ballymoney 1stX1 took on Dungannon 1stXI on their home turf, at the Joey Dunlop last week.

The Money girls came out on top with a 5-1 victory securing three points in the league after an incredible performance.

Ballymoney came out very strong moving the ball well around the pitch, executing several tackles and putting lots of pressure on the opposing team.

Defenders Elle Kirgan, Ruth Sutherland and Aine Kearney made several crunch tackles sending the ball into midfield were Laura McCurdy, Suzannah Brown and Rachel minihan worked hard to create opportunities alongside the forwards.

This high intensity caught Dungannon off guard and resulted in forward Nicky Parke winning a early short corner for her team.

This was wonderfully executed with a strike from Ruth Sutherland giving the money girls a 1-0 lead. Despite Ballymoney’s continued performance Dungannon managed to win a penalty corner which left the home side conceding a goal leaving a 1-1 score line.

The girls did not let this effect there game and instead remained taking several chances with a shot from Laura McCurdy which hit the post and a short corner which was deflected.

This fight and determination from the money girls was finally rewarded with a strike from Bridget Clelland in another short corner.

Now 2-1 up the home side sustained the intensity winning even more short corners, one of which was slotted in by Bridget Clelland for her second goal of the game. With the first half coming to an end both teams battled hard but fortunately the money girls won yet another short corner with Nicky Parke making a wonderful deflection on the right post sending the ball onto the back board.

The second half commenced with a score line of 4-1 to Ballymoney.

With great positioning from Sara Jamison and Laura McCurdy the ball continued to move well throughout the pitch linking up with forwards Jan Hamilton and Katherine Minihan.

This play resulted in another short corner which gave Bridget Clelland a well deserved hat-trick after a crisp strike into the goal. Dungannon were also making some attacks down the right hand side however the girls managed to break these down.

Money maintained creating chances for themselves with more short corners however these were narrowing missed or deflected.

As the game came to an end niether of the teams slowed down but the final score remained 5-1 to Ballymoney.

Ballymoney would like to thank the umpires and their coach Richard.

Fixtures for this weekend:

1st XI vs Lurgan away at 2.30pm

2nd XI vs Lurgan away at 1pm

3rd XI vs Cl away at 7.30pm (Friday)