Final of Men’s Inter-Zone Competition

The Northern Zone Men’s Team will play Donegal in the final of the Men’s Inter-Zone competition on Saturday 19th February 2011 at 2.00pm, in Ardboe.

The bus will leave Kilrea at 11.30am, Trinity car park Ballymoney at 11.45am and Asda car park Coleraine at 12 noon. Fare for the bus will be £10. Any spectators wishing to travel on the bus should contact Edwin Irwin (Tel: 70352261 or 07732646566) as soon as possible to book their seat.

Any player not available to play should contact Edwin Irwin: Tel: 70352261.

The team is as follows:


A. Kelly, Ballinrees, D. Reilly, A. Irwin, I. Ross, Loughanreagh

Rink 2:

G. Steele, Loughanreagh, N. McCaw, 2nd Kilrea, T. Workman, Moneydig A. Steele, Loughanreagh

Rink 3:

N.McMullan, Loughanreagh, K.McNeill, Ballinrees, D. McCann, St. Mary’s, N. Gamble, Boveedy


A. Cassley, St Mary’s, G. O’Kane, Loughanreagh, J. Martin, Marian, B. McAlary, Marian

Rink 5:

A. Sayers, Dunloy, M. Shaw, C. Jones, Dunloy, J. Calvin, Ballinrees

Rink 6:

J.McKee, Loughanreagh, L.McIntyre, U. Gordon, Ballinrees, E. Irwin, Loughanreagh

Subs: W. Calvin, Ballinrees, J. Elder, CRFC,