Draw for Ballymoney against Railway Union

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On Saturday Ballymoney played Railway Union in the third round of the IHL. The first quarter of the game was played at a fierce pace and during it Railway won two short corners on the 5th and 12th minute.

Both of these were abley blocked by first Katie Mullan and then by Bridget Cleland.

A through ball on the 15min to Alex Speers left her one on one with Holmes in goal. As Speers went to strike, Angie Huey, who had made a speedy retreat to the defensive circle, blocked the shot and cleared the danger.

In the second period both teams were evenly matched with the breaks looking dangerous from both sides. One of these breaks started with Huey on the right who saw the long diagonal ball to Susie Martin at the top of the circle on the left.

Susie then drilled the ball into the circle and a Jessica Lynche first time strike was stopped on the line by a Railway foot but good umpiring allowed play to continue and Katie Mullan nipped in to score the opening goal. Half time score 1-0.

Railway came out full steam ahead at the start of the third quarter and hemmed Ballymoney into their own 25 with Jenna Holmes making a clearance in the first minute.

Minutes later Railway won their third penalty corner but this was well cleared by Cleland. On the 4th minute Nikki Evans took full advantage of a loose ball in the circle and slotted the ball into the Ballymoney goal.

A minute later Ballymoney won their first and only short corner of the game and a Julie Nelson shot went narrowly wide of the post. In the remainder of the quarter Railway won five more short corners but the Ballymoney defence held strong.

In the final and most exciting quarter of the game, the pace of the game never let up and strong hockey was played by both sides but no further goals were added to the tally.

Final score 1-1.

Many thanks to all those who came to support the girls.