Derek Patton and Terry Patterson.INBM30-11 223JC
Derek Patton and Terry Patterson.INBM30-11 223JC
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Rafters Individuals Competition

JUNE saw the beginning of the Rafters Individuals Competition.

Throughout the competition 52 players have taken part. Players played five frames and then in the final it was decided in seven frames.

The final took place on Thursday 21st July with Derek Patton defeating Terry Patterson 4-0. It was the first time that both players had taken part in the final.

Derek, who had entered the competition for the first time, showed good form highlighted by a break of 77 in the 2nd frame.

The scoring for the final was as follows:

Derek Terry

57 45

89 31

64 50

82 65

Both finalists received trophies and cash prizes.

Defeated semi-finalists Paddy McCook and Chris Cunningham also received cash prizes.

Rafters would like to thank all who took part.