Dalriada Seconds secure place

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Dalriada 2nd XI played their first round of the cup, against Foyle and Londonderry College at the Joey Dunlop Centre on Wednesday 14th November.

With a win of 2-1 for the Dalriada 2nd XI team, they are through to the next round of the cup. The match started off with a lot of possession in the Dalriada attacking half, this was achieved by strong tackles from Emma Millar (Sweeper), Priya Kher (Right Back) and Diane Ramsay (Centre Back) with the ball then being driven forward by Sophie McPherson (Right Midfield), Emma Johnston (Centre Midfield) and Emma Chestnutt (Right Wing).

However, with a few near misses the Dalriada girls didn’t manage to score any goals in the First half of the Match. Unfortunately for Dalriada the Foyle attackers broke through the Dalriada defence and made one strong strike at the goal, and achieved the first goal of the match, with 5 minutes left in the First Half.

The Second half began and the Dalriada girls were even more determined to get a goal, with a great strike from Emma Chestnutt (Right Wing and Player of the Match) into the circle and a strong sweep from Georgina Cochrane (Centre Forward) the Dalriada girls achieved their First goal of the match.

The Dalriada girls continued this half as they meant to go on, with strong passes from Robyn Ennis (Left Back) to Rachael McPherson (Left Midfield). Although Foyle did get one or two shots at the goal they were saved by Isy Ross (Goal keeper), then taken out of the circle by Dalriada’s strong defenders.

Soon after, Dalriada had dominated the game once again with good passes from Rachel Taggart (Centre Back) and Charlotte Calderwood (Left Wing) driving the ball into the circle.

With 10 minutes to go of the Match, Rachael Kennedy (Left Wing) took a powerful shot at the goal from the edge of the circle, and with that being Dalriada’s second goal they continued the last 10 Minutes of the match with the same great play they started the match with. Every player on both squads contributed to this exciting game of hockey.