Dalriada hockey girls lose to Coleraine High


DALRIADA were beaten by Coleraine High in their annual hockey game.

Coleraine High started strongly playing with confidence down the right hand side of the pitch, managing to break through Dalriada’s strong defence within the first two minutes of the game. A strike placed into the left of the goal resulted in a 1-0 lead to Coleraine.

However, the Dalriada girls fought back, with centre midfielder Sophia Rogers commanding control, creating opportunities for a break down the right. Forwards Manon Eyemere and Shannon Calderwood played with notable skill, although Coleraine’s defence stayed tight, keeping Dalriada away from the goal. Coleraine High again managed to break through just before the end of the first half, making the score 2-0 at half time.

The second half was equally as exciting. Dalriada came back fighting, with left midefielder Becky Webb utilising space down the left, creating chances for the home team.

Several penalty corners were won, but none of these could make it past Coleraine’s strong defenders. Most notably, the Dalriada defence played with determination. Sweeper Diane Ramsay, and left back Emma Johnston made solid tackles, whilst goal keeper Sarah McMullan let nothing past. After two tense halves, the game ended with a score of 2-0.

* Dalriada 2nd XI played Coleraine 2nds in a friendly match ... Coleraine started off attacking and within the first ten minutes had scored a goal against Dalriada. During the first half the ball seemed to be predominantly on the Coleraine High side resulting in them scoring a further three goals.

Dalriada got off to a better start in the second half, coming back very strong winning two penalty corners and giving the Coleraine side a good fight, this led to a sweep into the corner of the net by Charlotte Calderwood from inside the circle lifting Dalriada’s spirits slightly. 4-1 down Dalriada continued playing well with good advice by the team captain, Rachel McPherson, but unfortunately for them Coleraine went on to win a penalty corner against Dalriada, resulting in yet another goal from their opposition. The match ended with the result of 5-1 to Coleraine 2nds. Thanks to Laura McCurdy for coaching Dalriada’s 2ndXI squad.

* Dalriada 3rdXI also took on Coleraine High School 2BXI in a friendly match at the Joey Dunlop Leisure Centre. From the start it was apparent that both teams were out for the win, with pressure being applied by both sets of forwards. The Dalriada defence of Anna Allen, Caitlin McCormick, Susan Gilmore and Annie McIlhatton remained strong throughout.The winning goal was scored by Dalriada’s Megan McBurney.

* Dalriada U14s travelled up to Coleraine High. It was a very competitive match with the score being 0-0 at half time. Natalia Rygielska put in a few excellent tackles and Carrie White had some great runs up the pitch. The Coleraine players had a good goal in the last ten minutes leaving the score at 1-0 to Coleraine. Dalriada fought back well but unfortunately didn’t get a goal. It was a well played match on both of the team’s behalf.

* Dalriada U13 A team played against Coleraine High. It was a very competitive match and very close the whole way through. The final score was 1-1. These two goals were well earned from both sides and were very hard to get!

The game started off with brilliant skill and determination from the defenders, Jane Anderson, Milenka Rygielska, Ria walls and Cara Telfer how saved many of the chances Girls High got.

Also the high quality of Alice McMullan’s goal keeping was brilliant to see saving Dalriada from many goals on the opposing team.

In midfield there was also some great play from Sauna McVeigh on the right who did some great passes into the forward line, Elle Kirgan in the middle who was all over the pitch defending and shooting had a great game and Olivia Mullan in the left wing.

The forward line Laura Finnerty, Mary Parkash, Sarah Hadden, Lauren Mitchell and Robyn Hanna all played tremendously keeping continual pressure on Girls High.

In the second half Girls High started well getting a fast goal! This made Dalriada get even more determined and in working as a team we gained a penalty corner. From this Laura Finnerty got a smashing goal from a lovely push out from Elle. A big mention to Mr. Bradley for all his hard work.