Dalriada Girls into the next round

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On Saturday Dalriada’s 1st XI hockey team travelled to Cookstown High School to play the in the first round of the plate.

The match was a very close one with both sides full of determination to win. Dalriada scored early with a cross from Katie Mullen which was nicely received by Johanne McAllister who slotted it into the bottom corner leaving dalriada in the lead. Despite some great attacking play and aggression from Cookstown, Dalriada worked well in defence and quickly regained control.

Dalriada showed their great determination by winning penalty corner after penalty corner, however was not able to convert these into goals. Rebecca McPeak and Manon Eymere played well and made some brilliant strikes. At half time the score was still 1-0 to Dalriada. The second half started just as well as the first with Dalriada attacking and taking many shots on goal.

The team played with confidence and skill throughout the half and there was great play from Rachael Davis and Rebecca Turton. In the last seconds of the match Cookstown won a penalty corner. Despite the pressure, Jessica Smyth (captain), Gemma Glendinning, Katie Mullen and Sarah Gardener defended well leaving the final score 1-0 to Dalriada. Dalriada 1st XI are now through to the next round where they will face Hunter House. The girls wish to thank Rob Harris for umpiring and to coach Bridget Cleland.

Dalriada 1st XI v Antrim Grammar

Last Wednesday, Dalriada 1st XI travelled to Antrim Forum to play Antrim Grammar in the Derry and Antrim league and came away with a good victory.

In the first half, both teams had a good attack and great defensive play from both sides ensured that no goals were conceited. Dalriada attacked well up the right wing with passes strung between Holly Clark, Sara Gardener and Johanne McAllister. Dalriada won a short corner close to the end of this half but unluckily, nothing was scored from this.

After an encouraging talk from Coach Mrs Cleland at half time, the team ran back on the pitch with the same energy as before.

The second half started much the same as the first with the ball being transferred up and down the pitch and both teams seeming equally matched. Halfway into this half, Antrim Grammar won a short corner. Despite a great run out by Gemma Glendinning, the Antrim forwards were able to put the ball in the back of the net.

Not long after this, Dalriada got a break and won a short corner of their own. Unfortunately Dalriada were unable to find the backboard but moments later, Katie Mullan got a great strike in from the top of the circle which was deflected in at the right post by Rebecca McPeak.

Spirits lifted, the Ballymoney girls picked up the pace and won another short corner. This time the team took a different approach with Sara Gardener striking and putting the ball past the Antrim keeper which took Dalriada into the lead. The final score was Dalriada 2 – Antrim 1.