Dalriada defence keep a clean sheet for 1st XI

On Wednesday 12th September Dalriada 1st XI travelled to Antrim to play Royal School Armagh in a friendly.

The first half started saw Armagh getting some shots on goal but no goals were scored due to some excellent saves from goal keeper Nicola McCollum. Armagh quickly won a penalty corner and continued to win more throughout the first half.

After the penalty corners the score still remained 0-0 due to very strong play from Holly Clark who made brilliant tackles and runs throughout the whole game. The game continued with Dalriada getting a few breaks but both teams were still unable to get any score therefore at the end of the first half the score remained 0-0.

The second half started much stronger for Dalriada with a string of passes and some brilliant tackles. Armagh again managed to win some more penalty corners but again Dalriada’s defence stepped up and cleared every ball.

Armagh continued to get more shots on goal but important saves were made by Nicola McCollum with Caitlin de Jode and Holly Clark clearing and running out the ball. Armagh remained a very strong team but Dalriada players continued to step up to the challenge with Hollie Fleming and Judith McConaghy making strong tackles. The match ended with no score at 0-0.