Causeway snatch tight victory at Dromore

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Causeway 2’s VS Dromore 2’s

Causeway Seconds Netball team travelled up to Dromore keen to gain a win against Dromore Seconds. Both teams were hungry for the win as previous matches between both teams were close.

The first centre started with Causeway taking the first centre pass.

Causeway started off positively with Dromore fighting hard to snatch the ball, but it wasn’t long until Causeway scored the first goal of the match.

Both teams worked well together although some mistakes were made.

Both teams fought for every loose ball, but Causeway managed to end the first quarter leading with a score of 10-9.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Dromore came out fighting, keen to gain the lead at the end of this quarter.

Dromore played some brilliant netball, making some great interceptions.

However, Causeway soon lifted their hopes and played great netball in to the circle.

Dromore’s defence in the circle was very good and it was hard for Causeway to pass the ball to both shooters. Causeway managed to stay on top at the end of the second quarter with a score of 20-16.

With the first half of the match being a tiring one for both teams, Causeway were determined not to let Dromore take the lead.

Silly passes were made by both teams, allowing the opposing team to gain possession of the ball. Dromore’s shooters played brilliantly in the semi-circle, shooting goals far from the net.

This put extra pressure on Causeway as they were determined to stay on top.

Thankfully, Causeway did stay on top with a very tight score of 28-26.

The fourth quarter soon began and after a long three quarters both teams were getting tired.

This showed in the performance of both teams as silly passes were made and everyone was behind their defenders.

Dromore started to play some excellent netball, making some lovely passes in to the circle and making great interceptions to Causeways passes. However, Causeway stayed confident and stole some of Dromore’s centre passes, allowing them to win the match with a tight score of 33-30, another good win for Causeway Seconds.