Causeway Judo keep going

THERE’S a saying on the mats of the Causeway Judo club and it’s “keep working”!

That is what the members of the club are doing throughout the summer in order to keep their success at competitions going.

With the UK schools games and the Northwest open in the pipeline, both the Junior and Senior members are focused on performing well and bringing back medals to the club to add to the tally already this year.

However as well as being competitive, the club is also focused on being a part of the community and there has never been a better time to try Judo if you are looking for a new sport or even to get fit for the rest of the Summer.

Combining a cardio workout with strength building as well as technical martial arts skills, Judo gives you a full body workout and boosts your confidence too!

The club welcomes both Junior and Senior members and there is no pressure to compete, you can just be a part of the club and enjoy the training whilst learning new skills.

Joint sessions for Junior and Senior members take place on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7.30pm in the Castle Community Centre Ballymoney. The cost is £2 for Juniors (who must be over 6) and £3 for Seniors.

To find out more, join the Causeway Judo Club Facebook page, or give Alan Ashcroft a call on 07835 575 328.