Cambridge House 0 Dalriada U-14As 1

Dalriada U14As travelled to Ballymena to play against Cambridge House on Saturday, in a league match with both teams keen to make their mark.

The first half started with lots of pressure from Cambridge House, keeping the ball in Dalriada’s defending half; with many missed chances from Cambridge House, ably defended by goal keeper Laura Henry. Hannah Christie and Anna Allen also worked well for the ball after being under constant pressure working the play out of defence.

The first half saw Dalriada had a few scoring chances by left winger Hannah Ritchie who was unlucky not to score. Midfield play from Kate Jamison and Tara McConaghie provided cover when Cambridge House looked dangerous and both girls were able to clear the ball and feed it through to the forwards. The first half remained scoreless with both teams feeling increasingly frustrated.

After some tactical advice from their coach, Dalriada came out vigorously for the second half with the help of Lucy Patterson and Susan Gilmour.

Midfielders fed the ball to Megan McBurney , their left winger who had some great runs throughout the half.

Jessica Johnston took a great hit from the side line, spotting the free space between Cambridge House onto left midfielder Sophie Rollins who then seized the opportunity to step into the circle and chip it beautifully into the back of the net, setting the score 0-1. Dalriada were boosted with confidence following this goal which was enough to offset the opponent’s game. Defender of the match was sweeper, Caitlin McCormick who relieved the pressure on the defending half by always sending the ball flying up the pitch.

Attacker of the match was centre forward, Sara Jamison who relentlessly chased after the ball and pressurised the player marking her by doing skilful manoeuvres. The team would like to thank the umpires of the match and their coach Mrs Ruddock.