Blackwater Arrows are Dart League champs

League Champions Blackwater Arrows
League Champions Blackwater Arrows

Friday 18th March saw the final league games in the Ballymoney darts league and champions Blackwater Arrows finished with a whitewash against Joey’s 3.

Final results were Joey’s Three 0, Blackwater Arrows 5, Joey’s bar 2, Three Oaks 3, Blackwater Bar 5, North Irish Horse 0, Rough Diamonds 2, Diamond Bar 3. Congratulations once again to our league Champions Blackwater Arrows and thanks to all the teams who played in the league this season and to all the bars who provided us with great venues. We look forward to seeing you all again next season.

Presentation night on 1st April in Three Oaks at 8.30pm. Light supper will be provided and everyone is welcome. Music by Impulse.

J.Watt 3x100,134 D.Neill 100 D.McDonald 3x100,131,135,140 D.McMullan 3x100,121,2x140 I.Darragh 2x100,119,134,102 finish I.Parke 3x100,125,137 G.McAuley 2x100,140 E.Hutchinson 5x100,2x140 S.Gage 3x100 D.Mullholland 133,139,171 B.Gillan 111 S.Doherty 180 J.McCooke 3x100 137,2x140,180,18 and 14 dart games J.Gibson 125,140 K.Laverty 4x100,3x140 B.Nelson 2x100 W.Culbertson 4x100,125,140 G.Small 4x100,140 T.McCook 3x100,135 R.Nelson 140 R.Mooney 3x100,121,140 J.Brennan 100,140,180,140 finish A.Archibald 118,120,125 M.McIlhatton 121,140 C.McCaw 4x100,140 A.McIlhatton 2x100,120,2x140,17 dart game A.McCosh 5x100,121,140,180,18 dart game M.Hamilton 3x100,114,2x140,18 dart game J.Elder 2x100,130,2x140,180,18 dart game A.Craig 2x100,125,134,140,180,100 checkout 20 d20 d20 M.McKeeman 4x100,2x125,135 P.McIlvenna 4x100,121,2x140,19 dart game.