Ballymoney Times Darts League

THE latest results from the Ballymoney Times Darts League are: Blackwater House 4 Royal British Legion 2; Joey’s Bar 6

Ma Kelly’s 0; Diamond Bar 3 Joey’s Bar 3; Kelly’s Own 5 Joey’s Flights 1;

Bush House bye.

High scores: A Archibald, M Hamilton, T McDonald, J Woods, J Patton,

C Magowan, J McGlennan, P Walker, B Gillen, J Ferguson, C Harvey, J McGarry, I Taylor, M McIlhatton, D Gage,

B Kane, M McKeeman, N Duncan, W Glass, A Neill, R Murphy, R Dunlop, G McAuley, D Graham, S Moore, D Woods, L Connolly,

B Oldershaw, K Reilly, G McClarty, R Maddison, A McIlhatton,

J McKeegan, P Tweed, J Small, G Small.

* The Cup will be played in Joey’s Bar on Friday September 27.

This is a five person team event and captains are asked to register for 8.45pm so the draw can be made for a 9pm start.

* Team captains are reminded that the next league meeting is on Wednesday October 2 in the Diamond Bar at 8.30pm.