Ballymoney rugby players step up training

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On May 2010 Ballymoney won the title of Ulster Branch Club of the Year.

A year on they are showing why they achieved this. Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7.30pm, sees the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and under 19 XV squads out at training under the instruction of Coaches Jason Taggart and Benjy Van de Bal.

However, Ballymoney RFC prides itself in including all members in its activities, so from last Wednesday 10 August it started another night’s training for the 4th and 5th XV players.

“We found over the last number of years that we were attracting a lot of new players at different levels of ability and fitness.

“With the 1st and 2nd XV squads playing at a higher level over the past seasons and training nearly all year round.

“The intensity of their pre-season is so high that it is hard to cater for every rugby player in the 6 senior teams and there was still a demand for players of all ages to train both to enjoy some fitness and the social aspect of training together.

“From this feedback we started an extra night for people to use as a stepping stone to the 1st XV training and it now means that there is something for everyone interested in rugby and if they find the Tuesday and Thursday nights too demanding then come along on a Wednesday night”, stats Toss Skelton, Rugby Game Development Committee.

“The training is a mixture of skill drills, touch rugby, game play and some fitness geared at all levels and it a good stepping stone to the 1st XV training or can be used for someone who just wants to come out and do some fitness”, Toss added.

The training starts at 7.30pm sharp on a Wednesday and the first night seen 30 players attend from the 3rd, 4th and 5th XV squads which when you include the average of 50 players on a Tuesday and Thursday from the 1st, 2nd and under 19 XV squads means Ballymoney have over 80 senior players out every week!

If you wish to come out on Wednesday night come along or if you want more information contact Jonathan Hanna 07879606664.