Armoy send neighbours out of Countess of Antrim

Countess of Antrim 2012

Carey 1.7 Armoy 4.5

Thursday 14th June 2012

After two minutes Carey’s Martin McAuley found the back of the net following a well taken penalty to lead by 4. Armoy’s Lee Forsythe converted a free for their first score of the match approaching 4 minutes.

Carey’s Colin Smyth scored a point for the home side then Armoy’s Eoin Kinney found the back of the net approaching 9 minutes to leave things level. Both sides hit numerous wides before Armoy added another point to the board. Carey replied straight away when Cathal McAuley sent the ball over the bar to square things. 2 minutes later Martin McAuley converted another free for the home side but Armoy then upped the pressure.

On 27 minutes Eoin Kinney found the back of the net for the second time. Martin McAuley got another point on the cusp of half time to reduce the deficit to just 1 in favour of the visitors.

Half time score: Carey 1.4 Armoy 2.2

Lee Forsythe converted a free after just 1 minute of play. Within 2 minutes Armoy found the back of the net for the third time courtesy of young Eamon McCaughan. Carey couldn’t find the target with a 60 metre free 20 seconds later but Armoy made no mistake with their free a minute later through Lee Forsythe. Martin McAuley got a point for Carey after 6 minutes. Carey gave away another free approaching 8 and a half minutes and once again Lee Forsythe was accurate and sent it over the bar.

Steven caught a high ball in by Gerard McFetridge and cleared at the 10 minute mark. Over the next 7 minutes Carey had a wide and Armoy had 2 before Carey’s Steven McGinn was forced to make another save but it was a weak shot from young corner forward Trevor Linton.

Carey’s Cathal McAuley converted a free after 20 minutes to leave 5 between the sides. Patrick McBride was moved from Carey’s back line to the forward line and made an impact almost straight away forcing the Armoy keeper to make a save resulting in a 65’ but unfortunately this was dropped in and cleared.

This seemed to ignite the home side and they were on the attack once again but Cathal McAuley’s effort went wide. Carey substitute Martin Hunter got on the scoreboard after 27 minutes to reduce Armoy’s lead to 4 but just over a minute later the ball went up to the other end of the pitch and Eamon McCaughan got his second goal of the evening to end Carey’s efforts of a comeback.

Carey ended the half with a shot from Shane McCambridge being forced wide for a 65’ but the resulting 65’ went wide and Carey went crashing out of the Countess of Antrim.

This match was a tough, physical encounter. Carey played quite poorly and had no answer for their neighbours and Armoy’s tenacity and accuracy in front of goal proved key.

Full time score: Carey 1.7 Armoy 4.5