MMA warriors show fighting spirit in cage


On Saturday 23rd June five fighters from Ashcroft Vale Tudo/mma travelled to the British Legion in Antrim to fight in the prestigious Spartan show.

It was hosted by the Red Dragon Mui Tai club from Antrim.

The fighters were Owen Kinney, Ruairi McCarthy, Ryan McIlwee, Jeff Parkhill, and Michael Duggan.

First into the cage was Michael Duggan who in his first debut put on an impressive show of skills and used his wrestling techniques to full advantage.

Michael clinched the victory by way of the judges’ decision.

Jeff Parkhill then fought Andy Rea, who until this contest remained unbeaten.

Parkhill finished the fight in the second round by way of armbar and impressed a very stunned local audience, a marvellous feat considering this was Jeff’s first time in a cage.

On a roll Avt fighter Ryan McIlwee, who has a record second to none, dominated all three rounds of his fight and submitted his opponent by way of rear naked choke.

This man is a fighter to watch out for in the future.

Owen Kinney lost his title fight, which until the end of the second round was very close. With his opponent dominating standing it wasn’t until the end of the second that he got caught in a choke, however hopefully a rematch is on the cards.

Ruairi in his debut fight lost to a more experienced opponent but none the less put up a very good account and will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.