Martial arts’‘magnificentseven’ revealed

IT is a case of the ‘magnificent seven’ in martial arts.

Thursday, 7th November 2013, 5:31 am
Martial arts' 'magnificent seven' from north Antrim and Coleraine.

This has been a memorable weekend for the Chujo Karate Association.

They had hosted the visit of International karate personality Mr Iain Abernethy.

On the Friday evening 1st November seven young members were successfully tested for SHODAN – KO BLACK BELT.

This Black Belt qualification is for children who are under 13 years old. All seven passed this stiff test and are now known within CKA clubs as THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.

The young applicants had been training a minimum of twice weekly in order to be properly prepared. They are: Jay Mc Gowan – Coleraine, Keelan Clarke – Ballymoney, Jamie Surgeoner – Ballymena, Jack Donnelly – Ballymena, Odhran Devlin – Ballymena, Dylan MaGill - Ballymena, Dylan Young - Ballymena.

The Black Belt examinations were held at The Seven Towers Leisure Centre and next day two seminar’s coached by Mr Iain Abernethy were held at Ballymena North Business and Recreation Centre.

The first seminar from 11am to 12.30 was an anti – bully seminar and the children were coached in the need for awareness and also verbal and physical skills suitable for dealing with the bully.

The children responded to Mr Abernethy and were evidently enjoying themselves very much.

At the end of the anti-bully seminar each child attending received a signed attendance certificate.

Seminar two commenced at 1pm and ended at 5pm. This was a kata bunkai (application) seminar. Kata plays an important role in karate training and Mr Abernethy is an expert at teaching the devastating techniques contained within the many karate kata that can be used as a means to practical self-defence.

People had attended from all parts of Northern Ireland. A number had also travelled from the Irish Republic and Scotland. These seminar members also received a certificate.

Chujo Karate Association has six affiliated clubs based in the local areas of Clough, Portglenone, Rasharkin, Ballymena, Ballymoney and Coleraine.

The clubs always have a welcome for new members who wish to begin lessons. The minimum age is five years. There is no maximum age. In fact the oldest member who trains at the Coleraine club is 77 years old and has reached 2nd Dan Black Belt level.

No special clothes are needed to have a ‘try out’. A tracksuit or loose trousers and t/shirt will usually suffice. Regular belt examinations are held and many other exciting club activities.

Enquiries - Telephone – 07976987696, Email – [email protected]