Marine Boot Camp in Ballycastle

THE Marine Fitness and Leisure Club (Country Club) based at The Marine Hotel under the instruction of Personal Trainer Eamann O hArtghaile has successfully provided another fitness adventure to keep the gym interesting and the ongoing battle for fitness & health strong - a five day Boot Camp.

Monday, 9th August 2010, 3:45 pm
Updated Monday, 9th August 2010, 8:10 pm

Held on the seafront Ballycastle Monday until Friday 6.30am- 7.30am, a range of challenges and activities were undertaken by a broad range of people - mums and dads, young and not so young, fit and just starting to get fit.

The key component to this week of fitness and fun was the have a go attitude displayed in full throughout the week.

The Marine Hotel Instructor Eamann said: "For an instructor to see in a short space of time, improvement in strength, increased fitness and some bodyfat percentage changes, this is what your job is all about.

“I have been very proud of the people who got out of bed on their holidays or were off to work at 8.30 or 9.00am. The effort showed results in many ways".

Flipping tyres, short intense runs, burpees, walking with sandbags and much more met the Boot Campers each morning, they faced the challenge and enjoyed the beauty of our seafront, even as it bucketed out of the heavens doing sit ups into heavy rain drops..thats a workout on its own.

The Marine plans to run more of these events , a mini boot camp two days is planned for a weekend in august ,open to all. call in and speak to Eamann...the workouts are worth it and Pet's lovely healthy homemade breakfast muffins are part of the reward.