Judy Murray gives her tennis secrets

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The mother of two world class tennis stars has been finding out about the Causeway Community Tennis Club.

Formed back in 2014, to encourage people from all sectors of the community to get involved in tennis, the Club is thriving, and well known tennis mum, Judy Murray was impressed when she was told about the Club by another tennis mum, Tracy Logan.

Tracy, a qualified tennis coach with the Causeway Club, travelled to Glasgow last week to take part in a course, specifically designed by Judy Murray - mother of Andy and Jamie Murray.

The course called ‘Miss Hits’, aims to encourage more girls to get into the sport at grass roots level.

Tracy, who is a mother of three, was the only coach from Northern Ireland to take part in the training led by Judy, the former Fed Cup captain.

“Judy has identified the need for more girls to get involved in the sport, “explained Tracy. “She tells that there are four times more boys involved in tennis than there are girls. And that’s a statistic that she is determined to change.

“She is very focused and committed to developing the sport in girls from a young age.

“This course takes 
activities that girls like - music and dance - and incorporates tennis to encourage more girls, aged five to eight, into the sport.

“Judy is a very experienced coach and she took time with us all during the sessions, she really wants to increase the number of girls that are going into the tennis system and hopefully then she will be able to identify potential stars.

“I did get a chance to talk to her about the Causeway Club, and she was 
really impressed by the work that we have been doing in 
the community.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the course, which will be coming to the Coleraine area in September, contact Tracy via Paul Logan Tennis Coaching on facebook.