It’s time to sign up now for Giro DiGlen Sportif

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IT’S time to get on your bicycle for the Giro DiGlen Cycling Sportif, which kicks off in Kilrea on the 27th September 2015.

The Giro DiGlen event was set up by the Eagle Glen Community Partnership as a fundraising event on the back of the interest and popularity of the Giro D’Italia in Northern Ireland last year. The event will start from the Glenullin Community Centre, Coleraine, and there are three routes on offer for keen cyclists, a 35 mile route, an 80 mile route, and new to this year’s event, a 50 mile route. Registration for all routes opens at 8:00am on 27th September, whilst ride out begins at 9:00am.

Speaking ahead of the Cycling Sportif, Ruairi Boylan, Agivey Cycling Club said: “Preparations are all in order now for the 2015 Giro DiGlen, and we are hoping to build on the fantastic turnout at last year’s event.

“After last year’s event, a large number of local people who took part came together to form the new Agivey Cycling Club.

“Since its formation, even more people have got involved from the wider community with ages ranging from 16 to 65! At least 80 more people are now out enjoying the health and social benefits of regular group cycling because of the Club’s inception.

“As so many of the Agivey Cycling Club were involved in last year’s event it was a natural step for the Cycling Club to join forces with the Eagle Glen Community Partnership to jointly host and promote this year’s Giro DiGlen.

“We have added a 50 mile route this year due to the high demand from those in attendance last year. This will be more of a challenge than the 35 mile route, but slightly less intense than the 85 mile route, so we’re hoping that by varying the difficulty, we can involve people of all abilities.

“The entry fee is £20, which includes refreshments before and after the event and the use of shower facilities post the event, which will be needed! Some of the monies raised will go to this year’s charity, NI Children’s Hospice – a very worthwhile organisation that will benefit greatly from the monies raised.

“I also want to say a huge thank you to RiverRidge Recycling, who have helped the Agivey Cycling Club since conception and are now backing the Giro DiGlen. The team at RiverRidge Recycling has helped immensely, and I know that they are also supporting NI Children’s Hospice this year, so it is nice to know that we both helping a very worthwhile charity.

Eamon Doherty, Finance Director at RiverRidge Recycling explained: “This is a fantastic, fun event and we are only too happy to support the Club.

“Congratulations to Ruairi and the team at the Agivey Cycling Club for their hard work in organising this brilliant and challenging event and bringing something unique and fun to our local community.”

Registration opens at 8am on Saturday 27th September and ride out is at 9am. Participants of all abilities are welcome to come along and sign up.

Registration costs £20, which includes refreshments and shower facilities in addition to free insurance for all those taking part.

For more information on the Giro DiGlen Cycling Sportif, please find us on Facebook or Twitter.