Irish National Youth Championship medals for BCC

Ballymoney Cycling Club Biesty’s Centra Youth, Race and Tri Team have enjoyed unparallelled sucess winning nine Irish National Championship medals in track and on the road events.

Thursday, 3rd September 2015, 7:00 am
Kevin McCambridge

This weekend the Irish National Youth Championships 2015 were held in Westport Co. Mayo with the categories of Under 11/12/13/14/15/16 seeing 230 of the best of Irish youth line up.

BCC riders Shay Donley and CAI pupil Rowan Montgomery took four medals between them, three silver and one bronze, to add to the four gold won by team mate Arthur Taggart a few days back in the National Track championships.

This was all the more special due to body wrecking crashes and excellent team work amongs the BCC lads.

Hillclimb winner Breandan Flannagan

Success like this has never been enjoyed by any othe cycling club in Northern Ireland. The racing was held like the 2014 version which Ballymoney hosted in 2014 with a time trial on the Saturday morning and then the frantic and super fast racing in the afternoon.

BCC riders Rowan Montgomery, Clark Logan, Liam McAuley (Liam was 6th,7th and 8th in the 3 disciplines), The Under-14’s Callum Wallace, Jordan Campbell, Callum Wallace, Arthur Taggart (All top 20 finishers and all contributed in awesome team work over the weekend) Kevin McCambridge (4th, 6th and 4th) and Shay Donley recent double gold medal winner at the Ulster Youth Championships and along with Kevin were closely watched going into these finals.

The Under 15’ and 16’s had Finn Sands Robinson and Robbie Doherty both putting in fantastic shifts despite a stomach bug and Robbie breaking a gear cable in the final lap of the fast and furious road race. Both these lads performed at the highest level for the sport.

In the Under-12’s, 10 year old Clark Logan is growing into the sport and if attitude won races, Clark, Callum Wallace, Cameron Wallace, Scott Donley, Jordan Campbell and other BCC youth, would be Irish Champions. These are a scary bunch growing up together and prepared to take on the best in the country. At the minute spearheaded by Liam and Rowan the future for the BCC Under 12’s is well worth the attention. Rowan Montgomery’s silver medals were a result of being being narrowly beaten by former Irish Champion Odhran Doogan in the crit and the road race. The CAI lad really took the race to Ireland’s best on the roads and streets of Co. Mayo.

The Ballymoney Cycling Club Tri team

Top of the Class schoolboys Kevin McCambridge, Shay Donley and the smiling hard man Arthur Taggart are amongst the top riders in Ireland. This weekend saw Shay involved in a horrific high speed road race crash and both team mates Kevin and Arthur slammed on their brakes, waited on their team mate getting his cut and battered body back onto the bike and the three rode like the wind to get back into the race again.

This act of team work was remarked upon by dozens who witnessed the unselfish and sporting actions of Arthur and Kevin in helping their mate back into the race, Shay went onto win a bronze third pace medal, Kevin got sixth and Arthur finished in the bunch. Both lads sacrificed any chances that they had in the highest level of the sport for the good of the team and a team mate. Proud BCC team manager for the championships Maurice McAllister commented: ”All our boys will be successful in whatever they chose to do in life, and to do this for a team mate in cycling will go a long way and that is what BCC is all about, developing special young people, and ours are very special.”

Club Success for Flannagan and Laverty

The Grimpeurs Hillclimb trophy was won by U15 rider and fast developing youth rider Breandan Flannagan and the final road race of 2015 hosted by Dunloy CC was won by club road race specialist Stuart Laverty

Hillclimb results: 1st Breandan Flannagan. (U15) 3:45; 2nd Shay Donley (U14) 3:52; 3rd Robbie Doherty (U16) 3:55; 4th George Peden (U16) 4:12; 5th Jordan Campbell (U14) 4:31; 6th Rowan Montgomery. (U12) 4:40; 7th Liam McAuley (U12) 4:50; 8th Scott Donley (U12) 5:31; 9th Kyle Fleming (U14) 5:52; 10th Clark Logan (U11) 5:59; 11th Thomas Warke (U14) 6:05; 12th Cameron Henry (U10) 6:47; 13th James Black (U11) 7:10; 14th Reese Doherty (U10) 7:19

Woman’s Hillclimb Results: 1st Claire McAvoy 4:54; 2nd Arlene Doherty 6:40; Senior Hillclimb Results; 1st Jason Henry - 3:18; 2nd Ryan Jamison - 3:41; 3rd Des Flannagan - 3:51; 4th William Loughridge - 3:55; 5th Pete Maccionaoith - 4:39

Coming Events

This Wednesday evening is the “Race of the Falling Leaves” TT on the Kirkhills circuit starting at 7pm and on Sunday Ballymoney CC are hosting the Ulster 100 mile TT Championships at Woodgreen starting at 9am, sign on from 8am.