Impressive haul of medals for Causeway Judo

Causeway Judo's Logan McIntyre
Causeway Judo's Logan McIntyre

A group of Judoka from Causeway Judo Ballymoney returned from the Sonkei Open Judo championships with an impressive haul of medals.

The event was well attended from all areas of Northern Ireland and was a very enjoyable and competitive day. Alan Ashcroft head coach at Causeway Judo stated he couldn’t have been prepared for the outstanding performance the club with seven fighters in the junior and senior categories with all seven returning with medals three titles.

Logan McIntyre 3 fights 3 wins (GOLD); Samantha Wade 2 fights 2 wins(gold); Alex McCook 3 wins (gold); Billy Boyd 4 fights 3 wins (silver); Andrew Fynnes 5 fights, 4 wins (silver), Laura Wade (bronze); Matthew Hannah (bronze).

Causeway judo is in the middle of preparations for the prestigious Irish Open in Dublin with events in Omagh and Swords to sharpen and develop the team for opponents from all over the world. The club is in its 15th year with close ties with their counterparts in Ballycastle, where we hope to have an evening with both clubs squad training.

Causeway Judo has two training venues, Leaney School,Ballymoney and Flex Luthers Gym, Meeting House Street, Ballymoney. Everyone is welcome to the Beginners class on Saturdays from 3 to 5 pm; Flex Luthers Ballymoney from 7 to 9 pm and Monday night Leaney school .