Impressive Dalriada 1st XI defence not quite enough

ON Saturday Dalriada Grammer School travelled to Omagh to play their second friendly match of the season resulting in a 1-0 loss.

The match began well with strong tackles made by Rebecca Turton, Holly Clark and Judith McConaghy.

As the match continued Omagh managed to pass the ball through to their attacking circle however Dalriada’s defence were able to run the ball out on almost every occasion. Dalriada made some impressive runs due to Rebecca Turton’s great skill which lead to opportunities at goal for Rebecca Webb and Sophie McPherson.

Dalriada began the second half confident and positive with strong passing between Sophia Rogers and Claire Finnerty which enabled Dalriada to begin attack. However, after a few simple errors from the Dalriada side, Omagh won their first penalty corner. Dalriada’s Caitlin De Jode made great clearances and managed to run the ball out the wing every time.

Great runs were made by Holly Clark and Claire Finnerty which furthered Dalriada’s opportunity at goal.

Dalriada worked hard to keep the ball out of their defending circle however after numerous excellent saves from Nicola McCollum, Omagh managed to slide the ball in to the back corner of the goal. With ten minutes to go and Dalriada not giving up, Holly Fleming made excellent clearances and was able to run the ball out of defence and into the attacking circle. However, after Dalriada’s many attempts the final whistle blew to finalise the game as 1-0 to Omagh.