High Flying Rod wins European Gold

High flying Skydive Wild Geese instructor Rod McCrory was on top form to win overall Gold at the European Cup Canopy Piloting event which took place at Skydive Buzz in Dunkeswell, Devon.

Rod, a well known face around the Garvagh dropzone is a member of the Irish Swoop Team and they proved to be a force to be reckoned with as fellow team member Aaron Cosbey took the overall Silver medal giving Team Ireland the top two positions.

Rod McCrory. Picture: Rob Lloyd

Rod McCrory. Picture: Rob Lloyd

“Canopy piloting is the Formula1 of sports parachuting, it involves pilots flying very small and very fast parachutes,” explained Rod.

“Competitive Canopy Piloting is a relatively new discipline within sports parachuting. With its high speed and close proximity to the ground it is also by far the most dangerous.

“In order to generate the types of speed required to compete the competitors must begin to spiral towards the ground from up to 1500ft, and time the end of the spiral to be in line with the course and high enough for the canopy to level out 1.5m off the ground.

“Failure to end up in line may result in a zero score but failure to get the canopy to recover can result in serious injury, or worse.”