Glebe Rangers’ Jackie set for Stateside adventure

Glebe Rangers Jackie Morrison in action .INBM23-5 1046SC.
Glebe Rangers Jackie Morrison in action .INBM23-5 1046SC.

Glebe Rangers will be without one of their talented young players at the start of the new season as Jackie Morrison sets off on an adventure of a lifetime.

The 25-year old will leave on 29th June to coach at soccer camps in America in what could be a life changing move. “My initial contract is for five months,” said Jackie. “If things work out for me then there is the option to extend it, so its a case of going out there and seeing how things work out.

“I go to Los Angeles to do my induction and work for the first few weeks but I could end up anywhere across the United States as the company I work for have soccer camps in 38 states.”

Jackie’s opportunity came about after a chat at work. “I worked as a personal trainer in the gym in Garvagh and Gary Fowler, who coaches out there spoke to me and asked if I would be interested in doing some coaching. He had actually done the same thing, working for the company for six years and he is now the recruitment officer. So I said why not, its too good a chance to miss.”

Although he had no coaching qualifications at the time it didn’t stop Jackie. “I got my FA Level 1 which was neccessary and then they will further train me when I am over there. I would like to say that when I did my coaching I met Wesley Gregg and as most people know Wesley sadly passed away recently. I never knew Wesley before but he had such a big impact on me in such a short time. He was so passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what he did.”

“When I get to America I could end up coaching kids from five to 19 years of age and when I was chatting to Gary he was saying the fact I am a personal trainer is an advantage because it is possible I could do more work with older guys because when they get to High School level and they start to think about scholarships then strength and conditioning and sports specific work comes in to their training a lot more.

“I could definitely see myself doing more of this sort of work long term.

“It’s a big step, I’ve never left home for that length of time before and as it gets closer I am getting more nervous but its an opportunity that I can’t afford to miss. I will miss my family so much especially my little sister Holly but they understand this is a trip of a lifetime and something I have to do.”